Cabin Get Away

Monday, April 23, 2012

This past weekend, Tony and I managed to tear ourselves away.

Away from work.

Away from stress.

Away from monetary concerns.

Away from worry over how stressful this summer will be.

Away from the crazy work that goes into keeping up a home.

And away from our two beautiful boys.

And we stole away with the Zeidlers at Kavanaugh's.

Before we left, there were some shenanigans by both boys. I definitely enjoyed Ezra's time in the basket, giggling away, much more than the whining and crying of my almost 3 year old who desperately needed to nap.
Oh yes, he's smiling and got there on his own doing!Wish I could share the crazy crying and whining coming from Isaac's room right now as he fights his nap.Beginning the goodbyes. #weekendawayTreats from my Mom as we dropped off the boys! #truffles&tortes
   [Ezra in the hamper :: Isaac whining through his nap ::
beginning the goodbyes with Ezra :: Sweet treats from my mama]

Matt and Gina met us at our house, where we loaded up their vehicle and then we made our way over to my parent's to drop off the boys and our vehicle for the weekend, so they didn't have to do the carseat swap. And then . . . we were on our way!
Here.we.go. Filched it from @ginazeidler!$1 Store Auto Bingo!
Did I mention this guy is here? @fontainenine and I are ready for the weekend away!Pitstop at La Fiesta! @matthewmzeidler checked out the tacos.
[Probably my most favorite picture of Gina and I [with Tony ducking behind me :)] :: thrifted Auto Bingo with 4 highly competitive people actually ended well [LADDER!] :: My man and I :: G & M at Happy Fiesta]

Unfortunately, the forecast was 100% accurate and it rained the majority of the day on Saturday, but I got to sleep without any body touching me solidly through the night, so it couldn't get me down! I was woken up Saturday by my insane need to pump, so even without our children with us, Tony and I weren't allowed to sleep in. The cabin was fully stocked with utensils and what not, so I made us a hearty breakfast of eggs, ham, cheese and toast before we reunited with the Zeidlers to make our way into Nisswa to shop away the day time hours.
It's raining, but I love the view!I didn't know how many eggs to make without cooking for two littles, but so relaxing!Nisswa!Ride'em cowgirl! UntitledTotem Pole ridiculousness.UntitledLove this guy, @fontainenine.
[rainy beautiful view :: prayer over breakfast :: Nisswa! :: Cowgirl Gina 
a mug that I looooved :: Totem Pole ridiculousness :: Vibrams :: lovely husband]

After our trip into Nisswa, we made good on a run since the rain let up. It was still quite chilly, but I think we were all feeling a little stir crazy, so we set out for a 3 mile run. Matt and Gina had recently completed a 1/2 marathon, but Tony's only been putting in the odd run here or there, so we kept our mileage attainable and kept in mind that I needed to feel 100%. As it turns out, I felt 1000% percent and we kept stretching out our run from 3 to 4 to 5, until finally we reached the 10K that had been on my 1/2 training schedule all along. It was freaking fantastic. I'm so happy to have such a strong and supportive husband, who just sucked it up and ran with us, even though he hasn't run more than 3 miles in quite some time. He paid for it yesterday and today, but it meant so much to me. After getting such a great run in, we all felt good about heading out to dinner. Unfortunately, Gina's dinner was the only one that was much good, but I did love my beer and glass. After dinner, we head back for a couple drinks, what was left of my Mom's treats and to dip in the hot tub. After the hot tub, we holed up in M&G's cabin and vegged out eating amazing blue corn tortilla chips with Annie's refried beans, while watching Swamp People and Storage Wars.
So, my knee and foot held up, went for 6.1 with this fine crew during a break in the rain. @ginazeidler @fontainenine @matthewmzeidlerUntitledErnie's.Tony looks like a Canadian Mountie.Hot tub [x] wine/beer [x] laughs [x] first couples trip [x]Favorite.
*there also may or may not have been a literal sock on the door, but I'll never tell. ;)
[our running group :: Ernie's :: love this glass of advertising
Tony looked like Canadian Mountie, Polaroid's FTW, my favorite one]

Tony and I had a hard go of it this hockey season, combined with my keeping the photo biz afloat, and more often than not have been in a "get things done" mode that leaves little room for enjoyment. We holler at each other quite often from one room to the other, exasperated as we're unable to understand each other. I'm short with Tony, a lot. In fact, through out our marriage I can't tell you how many times Tony has asked me "What's wrong?" or "Why are you annoyed?" But this weekend, I can honestly say, there wasn't a single moment of annoyance, not one twinge of needing to mutter, it was everything I didn't know the weekend could be. It's like there was a huge blue "RELAX" button that was pressed as soon as we left my Mom's. And it was needed, oh so needed.


Ezra slept great for my Mom Saturday night, so I got to wake up to his smiling face and a fantastic email from my Mom [when the email finally came through]. And Tony and I admired the sunny lake view, vowing to make a trip back up there. It was truly a fantastic weekend, but we were both antsy to see our little ones! I just teared up thinking about this trip, because it meant a ridiculous amount to me. I guess more than I even knew. Gina and I have known each other for just over 3 years now, ever since she reached out and sucked me in after our maternity mini-session. Her friendship is the second most important in my life, following Tony, and she daily encourages and demands me to grow. Walking out of our cabin Sunday morning I felt invigorated from head to toe. Tony and I were able to connect, as husband and wife, not just as parents, and we got to leave with great little inside jokes from growing equally closer to a couple, as friends.
Yes!!! Great email to receive this morning, Ezra slept great for my Mom. I can't wait to get my lips on those cheeks!UntitledUntitledLeaving this gorgeous place. We're hooked, can only imagine how nice it'd be in the summer! #upnorth #brainerdWe're coming babies!So amazing, so grateful.
[my mom's update re: Ezra :: lakeview :: saying goodbye :: route back :: heart full]

After the wonderful reception at my Mom's [seriously couldn't have imagined better, as Ezra nearly flew out of my Mom's arms with his excited waving and Isaac jumped into Tony's arms] we quickly fell back into routine. Naptime. Photo work. Tony with opening day for softball. My happy smiling guys warming my heart.
"I'm workin' mama! See?" *please note the mismatched shoes.   Can't put into words how much I missed this face.

I am so glad we made time to take this trip. I'll remember it fondly forever.
And despite what some may think, including my own Mom and Stepdad, there was no intention to create a February reminder of this wonderful trip! :D


Unknown said...

That sounds like perfection! And it's making me antsy for our getaway this fall to a bed 'n breakfast! Glad you had a great time ;)

Kim said...

Sounds like you guys had an amazing time!

Megan said...

Hahaha, love your disclaimer at the end. We shall see. ;)

So glad you had a great time, you both deserve it!

Cassandra Louise said...

Ha! Best ending EVER!

Erica said...

Love that you two were able to get away! I have one of those mugs and it truly is the best mug ever.

Jeannie said...

How fabulous!!! I'm so glad you guys had a fantastic weekend. Makes me really want to do the same :)

Bekah said...

This looks like so much fun! I am so glad you went!

Randi said...

Looks like a great time and just what you guys needed!! How fun!

W said...

Wow what a great trip. Totally hear you on the much needed thing. We're planning a short beach trip in the fall and I can't wait.

Bethany said...

I loved seeing it play out over Instagram. Looked like so much fun for you guys!!

Sam said...

Please tell me that you went to Treasure City in Royalton on your way back. I see that place and I yell "TREASURE!" every time. It makes me smile.

kari said...

Sounds amazing! I'm so glad you guys had a great time. :)

Megalamode said...

Aw, so glad you got some time away with Tony!

Adrienne said...

That's beautiful! I am so glad you got to have a nice "grown up" adventure! :-D

BGH said...

I have one of those mugs you saw and they are so fun!!

Erin said...

So fun!! Makes me excited for our cabin trip and possibly trip into Nisswa in a few weeks, although we'll have the kids with us... maybe we can convince my parents to let us get away for a few hours at least :)

Glad Ezra did well on his overnight - such a relief!

Anonymous said...

There doesn't need to be an intention for a little February keepsake to pop out. ;)

So glad you enjoyed this trip Leah!!

Jill said...

So glad you got away and had a great time! Sometimes you need a reminder of how it was to be an adult without kids, for a minute.

So happy for you!

DianeTaylor said...

What a wonderful weekend getaway - we all need that, Leah. And when we REALLY need it and we get to do it, i tjust feels good. Tomorrow is my dear son's birthday, a day I used to love - but it will be hard.

BTW Gina's mini family session pics are amazing as always.

Meredith said...

What a perfect getaway!

We desperately need one that does NOT include scary skin cancer surgery!

Anonymous said...

So envious of you! (and happy for you). Hope this builds confidence that you can/should do it again, the kiddos feel the pay off, too, when mom and dad recharge! always enjoy your pics...oh, do ya'll watch duck dynasty? we love those guys! karen

Julie S. said...

Perfection! SO glad you guys got a chance to get away!


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