Bummer, dude.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Yesterday I tried to get in my long run from the weekend. The weather was chilly, but I actually started to enjoy it by the 2nd mile. My body was just the right amount of numb to feel good, with barely any pain.

Unfortunately, it started to feel a little too good and I didn't hesitate to run the two hills that my 8 mile route presented.

Even worse is that just before mile 6, I had to stop running due to pain in my left knee, which I've had ACL reconstructive surgery on, and my right foot, which felt like it needed to be cracked.

I decided a little walking break would do me some good, but I was wrong, way wrong. As soon as I tried running again the pain was immediate!

With great disappointment, I called Tony.

His voice conveyed his worry as soon as he answered the phone, and I appreciated it, because he knew something had to be up for me to be calling him.

I got 6 miles in, but I'm worried when I'll be able to get back to it without pain.

And so begins the finicky battle between proper rest and continued training.

Today, my knee actually feels better than my foot, and only causes issues when I'm walking down stairs. My foot however is almost always twinging with a bit of pain. This really concerns me, as I'd be the first to admit that I probably don't get enough calcium and nursing mamas are at risk for stress fractures. Blech.

Bummer, bummer, dude.


Jill said...

Ouch. That stinks!

Hopefully it heals fast and you're able to get out there and continue with your training! :)

6 miles sounds painful in itself, to be honest, but good for you!

Meredith said...

Man, doesn't that stink?! I always feel like injuries happen right when you're (I'm) getting back into the swing of things and really enjoying exercise! BOO.

Hoping for a speedy recovery!

Unknown said...

You're still a rockstar, regardless of what your knee thinks.

Megan said...

Ah, Meredith took the words from my mouth.

I've never enjoyed running until recently... and of course now I feel both my knees telling me to back off, with the constant all-day-long burning pain I have.

After my knee surgery, the surgeon told me I would never be able to be a runner, and I doubted him recently when I thought it was all going good. Now I'm starting to think he was right... and it makes me really sad!


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