Wednesday, April 18, 2012

If you were to ask me how many ticks I have found on my loved ones, in my home or on my body, I would tell you 5.



I [hate] ticks.

They are on par only with cockroaches, which I have a similar history of killing instantly.

My skin is literally crawling as I write this.

I have found at least one, every day.

Sunday: Ezra's ear, thankfully not embedded and walking on the trim.

Monday: on the sweater that I'd worn Sunday evening.

Tuesday: as I was admiring Ezra's new baby curls, I found one in his hair, again thankfully not embedded.

Wednesday: [ewwwww] I woke up this morning, around 1:00am, to one on my neck!

Again, can I stress how much I hate ticks?

They say that they're going to be bad this year because of the mild weather and I believe it, I believe it.


AJ said...

I hate ticks too. They, along with mosquitos, serve no purpose but to just bug us (hehe!). Did I ever tell you of the time Rocket was infested with ticks (too early in the season to think of Frontline) and I ended up pulling at least 40 off of him? Or about the time I found one crawling around on my inner thigh IN my UNDERWEAR?! {shudder}

Cropped Stories said...

Yeah, I just found one in the house on my living room blinds. Iick!

W said...

Eww. I've only encountered one tick (on my dog) and it was a horrible experience. I can sort of sympathize...we have roaches down in the south. They're the size of small dogs and they have WINGS.

Bethany said...

my skin is crawling!! i too hate ticks!!

Adrienne said...

OH the midwest, ticks and lady bugs. Ick.

Amy said...

Funny you mention that becuase i found one in our BATHROOM crawling on the floor the other day. I've never found one near out house, ever. I am hoping it came from the guy who works at my IL's farm who came over to help us with our toilet. I can hope right? They freak me out, then again most things with more than 2 legs do :)

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Ticks are seriously nasty. We've been seeing a lot of them, too, but mostly out in the fields. I'm hoping that mowing down the grass will help, but this weather is just breeding the insects.

Hoping you find NO MORE TICKS.

Mo said...

You should seriously consider watching the video "Under Our Skin", its about Lyme disease and how SO MANY people are misdiagnosed as having parkinsons, MS, or even dementia. Or unfortunately they are told they are "going crazy".


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