Birthday Party Recap

Monday, April 30, 2012

Yesterday we had Isaac's Cars birthday party. To put it bluntly, he was an absolute disaster in the morning. He was a sour puss through and through and gave us attitude at every opportunity. He even went so far as to cross his arms and "hrumph" a few "I'm not happy with you."'s and even disinvited me from his birthday party! Tony and I stifled our laughs a few times while we were in the car finishing our errands, but when we got home at 1:00pm, it was no laughing matter. Isaac went positively bizerk and I told him in no uncertain terms that he better wake up with a major attitude adjustment after his nap!

The poor kiddo must not have slept very well because he was out in less than 5 minutes, without any whining, talking or playing, which does not happen frequently. I prayed for him and for rest while he slept and thank you Lord, when he woke up, he was in a fantastic mood. Too bad, Tony picked up Isaac's attitude . . . I kid, I kid. Tony basically put together the whole birthday party while I hung out at home while Isaac slept, failing miserably at getting Ezra to do the same.

Tony did a phenomenal job and thankfully his stress level peetered out when he picked up on Isaac's absolute excitement. He was throwing around "Woah, check that out!" "Pretty sure" and "That's nifty!"

We once again rented out a city park pavilion for the party and allowed the kids to roam on the playground, prior to eating.

The original plan was to have it at our house and let the kids play on Isaac's new swingset, but this was a much better plan.

Unlike a lot of indoor parties, no one was concerned with the volume level, breakables, or anyone running too fast.

It was a little bit like our wedding though, in that there were so many friends from various areas of our lives, plus family. It was a little surreal to see everyone jumbled together with their kids clamoring everywhere.

And as my friend Rachel pointed out, it was nice that everyone came at different times, so Isaac had the chance to play with each friend for a bit of time and no one was left to the side. We ended up getting a pretty good deal on Papa John's pizza, our menu was pretty standard kids birthday party: pizza, fruit, and munchies.

When did my son get big enough to sit at the kids table? Or better yet, when did my son get big enough to have a kids table with his friends at his birthday party?

Ezra fought a nap the whole afternoon, but of course conked out as soon as we got in the car to go to the party. I let him sleep awhile and wouldn't you know, he woke up equally in a great mood! And I adore the picture of my Grandma telling Isaac happy birthday.

Tony scoped out the facility beforehand and had the great idea to bring white board markers and the kids loved it!

On a whim, I got Isaac this Mater Teeth sucker and pretty much died laughing when he had it!

Then, it was time for presents. This little boy was in Cars/John Deere/Moving Anything Heaven. He got especially excited for his first bike, naturally a Lightning McQueen bike.

He was spoiled for sure!

Even the wrapping paper for a lot of the gifts was Cars!

And there was Cars Memory and Cars Playdoh . . . what will they think of next?

Not to be left out, Ezra was also having a ball this whole time, like playing with Uncle Levi!

Next up, it was time for Isaac's super special Target Cars cake! Everytime we go to Target he wants to look at the book and see the Cars cake. I was so excited to let him have such a special cake, because I remember how much I adored my Big Bird cake when I was three.

And just because I think these two pictures are hilarious. First, any doubt they're father and son?

And second, fire safety with a 3 year old or better still, trying to stop him from blowing out the candles too soon.

Such a cheeseball, but I'll take it.

All the kiddos had the noise makers and were going at it during our singing Happy Birthday!

And then, he blew out his candles. :)

Ezra meanwhile was having an absolute ball with the balloons with my Mom!

He was squealing and kicking his legs! It was so sweet and funny!

Many thanks to my brother for suggesting the crap apple tree and snagging this picture of our family.

So many thanks to all who came out to join us! You definitely made Isaac feel loved and very special. We're so thankful for you in our lives!

*Presents and cake pictures were taken by Ben Berndt. :)

And then he was 3.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Just like last year, we started the day off with a number pancake! This time, Daddy took on the job and did great.

Following breakfast, we head out for a chilly walk/birthday pictures and picked up a hot chocolate for Isaac.
Birthday boy gets Caribou hot chocolate!

As it turned out, Ezra slept in the Jeep and Isaac and I just ventured 50ft away to snap some quick photos.

I love these photos so, so, so much. I just wish it weren't as chilly as it ended up, because I only took a handful of images.

These just capture our little man perfectly, with his cheese ball grin.

And need to be doing something, anything!

We quickly went back to the Jeep, where Ezra continued to soundly sleep and warm up a little bit, while we drank our Caribou.

As it turned out, Isaac didn't even want to go for a walk, so we got strapped back in and headed out of the parking lot to return home. I asked Isaac if he had fun, even though we just had a Caribou date and took some pictures and my heart swelled just a bit, as he said "I did, mama! We should do that again." And we will buddy. We will.

When we got home, I let the birthday boy decide what he wanted to do, which meant it was John Deere gator time!

This kid is such a riot.

In between looping through the yard, which includes driving over piles of dirt to "off road" and stopping at a lower hanging tree to attempt to climb it, he stopped off at his new swingset, which was still in need of some finishing touches.

Do you think he was a little excited?

A new pitstop developed as well, as he without any provoking from me, literally jumped from his John Deere.

To give his little brother a hug.

Are you kidding me? This is when I should divulge that Wednesday night, just 18 hours before, had been an absolute trainwreck. I was at my literal wits end with Isaac and so frustrated by his actions . . . and then, this.
Pure sweetness, fun and joy!

For real, who is this child? Love him to bits.

Around lunch time we brought some treats over to my Mom's, so Isaac could see some of his daycare friends. He started to fall apart a little after his cookie, and my Mom and I are starting to wonder if we shouldn't track his reaction to artificial dyes. Sugar cause a regular sugar rush with him, but we've seen a couple instances lately that push him to out of control that could use more analysis. After lunch, Isaac took his afternoon nap and woke up perfectly in time for his 3 year checkup.

Our little man's stats at exactly 3 years, can't say that's happened before, were 34lbs and 36 1/4" for a 76% for height and 86% for weight.

After the doctor appointment, I came home and ran a quick 3 mile makeup run with Ezra in the stroller, while Tony and Isaac continued to work on the swingset.
My running body for 3 miles tonight, made up for yesterday's skipped run and have 5 to do tomorrow night."Best birthday present ever!"

We then went out to eat, where Isaac proceeded to tell everyone that it was his birthday and that he was 3 years old. Additionally, I'm, admittedly, way too proud of how quickly he picked up on showing three fingers.
His favorite thing to do today. #fingerandthumb

When we got home it was time for cake! Gone are the days of not knowing how to blow the candles out . . . IsaacBirthday049

Isaac just went for it!

You could say he was a fan.

And to round out the day, Isaac had a bit of fun with Tony.

You could say it was a great birthday. Isaac hilariously told Tony and I happy birthday every time we told him, and even the doctor, like it was a holiday greeting! The only snafu that we had was that Isaac had a really hard time getting on board with the fact that his birthday party is on Sunday and not the day of his birthday. Makes me wonder how to lessen that angst next year. 

Isaac, we can't wait to explore with you! We pray for your growth, health and creativity this year. We adore you, so much!

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