Time with Isaac

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Gosh, I just love this little kid. His willfulness tempered by his humor, with just a splash of sweetness.

His one liners lately have been hilarious, like "I have to go potty! I don't want to poop in my underoos!"

While pushing Ezra and I on the swing "My muscles are so strong, like Daddy's!"
"My muscles are so strong, like Daddy." @fontainenine

Unfortunately, I believe he's gotten his fashion savvy from his Dad. He insisted on having his pockets pulled out and you've got to love the matching Lightning bandaids.
Please note the pockets pulled out and the double McQueen bandaids on his knees.

If you follow me on Instagram [which I keep private to those I recognize], you were along for the ride Friday night as we finalized our swingset purchase.
And now swing set shopping at Menards. Clear winner.

 Isaac was more than happy to spend a little time in the riding lawn mower area, of the 2nd Menards of the night:
 2nd Menards of the night, but we're going home with a swing set.
After dealing with a less than intelligent worker at the first Menard's, we finally had success!

 Now . . . to have the time to assemble it in time for Isaac's birthday. For the past couple birthdays and Christmases for the boys we had asked for contributions towards a swingset, so we were able to get a nice one with what we'd put aside as well. Currently Isaac's favorite thing is to dig in the dirt in our backyard, so I.can't.wait until he has something fun to play on!

After the Menard's trip, Tony gave Isaac some stir sticks. He originally used them to just hit things, but then decided by crossing them that it was an airplane. How sweet is that? Love the creativity of children! An airplane out of paint stir sticks.

While driving in the car recently Isaac asked Tony "Drive faster Daddy! I want my fingers windy!"

And also, while driving, I asked Isaac was Ezra was doing, because I couldn't see him. He casually responded "Playing with his face." Confused, I finally realized what he meant and asked "Do you mean rubbing his eyes?" "Yup!"


Meredith said...

That comment about windy fingers? SO CUTE.

Also, I'm 100% jealous of your swing set!

Tess Weber-Popejoy said...

I just love this. Aren't little boys the best? I can't wait until The Brudder is here to see how my boys will (hopefully)be best friends. LOVE.


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