Stomach Bug + Early Spring

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I'm not sure what bug I caught, but I did. Just after Isaac. It's not an awful, sustained bug, but just enough to cause you stomach problems . . . which lead to stomach emptying problems.

I stayed home yesterday and by the afternoon I was feeling adventurous, ie eating food again.

Thankfully it stayed contained in my stomach and then the boys and I got to enjoy some of this glorious weather.

Oy vey though, this early spring mixed with Ezra being two months behind in the seasons, comparatively to how hold Isaac was in the season, means that I am at a total loss what to do with Ezra outside. Isaac of course is completely gung-ho and exploring every inch of our backyard, so he's totally fine!

Ezra though, me oh my, he won't stay on the blanket, obviously, because crawling is much more fun! Additionally, he wouldn't stop shoveling handfuls of dirt and leaves in his mouth. At one point I actually had to take him inside because I thought that the clump of mud forming could make him choke. Oh the joys . . .

He's still pretty darn cute though!
This kid will not stay on the blanket and is putting fists full of leaves and dirt in his mouth.

After he'd had enough, I laid him down for a nap in the pack and play, successfully for the 2nd time in the day, and then Isaac and I had a "picnic" with some chocolate chip banana bread. 
The dirt eater I napping, so Isaac and I are picnicking.

Overall it shaped up to be a pretty good day!


Kelly Bartlett said...

Bummer about your stomach bug. Glad it wasn't anything horrible.

The weather was amazing yesterday (and today). Looks like you guys had fun exploring the yard together. The kids (and dogs) and I did the same think after school and work.

Spring Fever all the way!

Bekah said...

oh yuck about the stomach bug, but Im glad you got some good time in with your little dudes!

Meredith said...

My stomach's been feeling gross for about a week, but Justin has been REALLY bad since Monday. I'm praying that mine won't get to the point his is! Yuck. Hope you're feeling all better now!

DianeTaylor said...

Yuck, stomach bugs are the worst. I adore that pic of Isaac kissing you, so precious. And thank you for the beautiful card, your prayers are truly felt.

Tess Weber-Popejoy said...

Oh My. I love little boys that love their Mommy.


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