Search Words for Balance

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Just to balance out the serious nature of my last post, I give you the first installment of search words responsible for blog hits.

"one week postpartum stomach" :: Er, not sure that I like that that's a reoccurring top search.

"amish girl" :: I bet they're disappointed to learn that I'm talking about my Callie girl.

"baby mullet" :: Oh boy, dead on.

"baby eating ketchup and smiling" and "child eating ketchup" :: I'm sensing a theme here . . .

"does your butt get bigger after pregnancy" :: I wonder what answer they came to?

"who are the people on the 'I'm morman' sign" :: I have no idea!

"Why is my boob peeling?" :: Because you dropped a curling iron on it, dur.

"Would you name your son Ezra?" :: Did.


Ashlet said...

Bahahahahah I am dying!!

Rose said...

Oh my...that is too funny! Thanks for the laugh today!


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