Photography is my language.

Monday, March 19, 2012

It's how I feel.

How I flesh out my emotions.

How I truly enjoy myself in the present, by how well I am able to capture it.

Photographs hit me differently all the time. I enjoy them in so many capacities.

I may speak photography better than I speak English, and that is not to say that I fancy myself an amazing photographer.

I do however, fancy myself, a keeper of moments, that I scribe with my shutter.


Megan said...

Oh haha, this looks familiar. Jaxon trying WAY too hard to love/help Cohen. :)

Anonymous said...

Brotherly love <3

I think I've tried looking through your blog and your photography website before...what camera/lenses do you use? I'm in the market for a new camera and want to shop around. Any recommendations you have would be very much welcomed!

Selidji said...

I LOVE your photos!!!!! I wish I had a nicer camera and photography lessons....I love photography!!!

Jamie said...

Where did you get Ezra's t-shirt? Love it!

Molly said...

You are REALLY good, Leah. I strive to be a photographer more like YOU every day :)

Adrienne said...

You are fantastic! If you weren't so dang far, I'd totally hire you to take pretty pictures :)


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