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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The other day while driving home from picking up the boys from my Mom's, who does daycare for us and a few other families, Isaac told me "Mama, I don't like our house."

Without skipping a beat, I responded "Neither do I Isaac."

Once more last week, we had a similar conversation, but I added on "Neither do I Isaac, but we're so blessed to have it. Do you know there are boys and girls your age who don't have a home?"

With the assured attitude he's recently taken on he simply replied "Yeah."

But it's gotten me thinking a lot about the impact of our words and how early we shape our children's impression of the world.

No, I don't like our house.

The curb appeal is lost.

The ceiling has cracks.

The square footage is cramped.

The layout is less than desirable. 

The air conditioning is shot.

The carpet is ruined by our pets.

The kitchen is unmanagable.

But it's ours.

And by expressing my dissatisfaction in our house, I'm already giving Isaac a taste of the negative outlook I harbor towards the home that welcomed my boys from the hospital.

I don't want to give him that impression.


Bekah said...

Ive seen a similar impact in my words with Jack, and it can be so hard to know that their internal dialogue is impacted SO strongly but the words I am saying, even when I don't think they are listening.

Just reminds us what a huge responsibility God has given us when he blessed us with these sweet little boys to raise.

Tess Weber-Popejoy said...

I have caught myself with things like this a lot lately. Asher listens to everything we say and how we act in certain situations. I really need to stop and think about what I say because it is shaping my baby. I want him to have a positive outlook and be thankful for the things we DO have. :)

MV said...

I have similar feelings about our home. Thank you for this perspective. My daughter isn't quite old enough to understand all of this yet, but it's never too early to be positive.

Kelly Bartlett said...

Hey Leah,

I have two comments for this post. The first one is about our impact towards the world through the eyes of our children. We aren't perfect, the world isn't perfect, so sugar coating everything is impossible. Don't be hard on yourself about that. I think it is good to make an effort to be more positive overall though. It is healthy for you, your kids, and everyone around you. Just don't beat yourself down when you slip up. We are human. Our kids need to learn that too.

Secondly, I am all about making a house a home. Personalizing what we have and making it ours. From what I've read you love your yard, your neighborhood, your remodeled bathroom (and boys room I believe)? If you plan to stay there for a long time then just keep making that house your home. With your large lot you could dream up plans to add on (maybe 5-10 years) but dream of those and plan for that and you'll love your home even more. Bring something in to each room of your home that makes you love it. A chart on a wall that measures the boys growth, a chalkboard wall in the kitchen for little notes, some built in seating in a small space. Just little things that personalize it and make it better. Make it yours.

Betsey said...

Perfect timing! I caught myself talking negatively about our home to my husband recently (we found out about 4 months ago that our hopes of selling are about 4+ years down the road). I realized that our 2 year old loves this home, and I was overlooking all the wonderful things she sees in it.

The stairs (I would love a one level) are her jungle gym and a source of showing her independence.

The yard (that isn't flat enough for me) has hills to climb and run down, a fabulous little creek and our own little private wooded area to explore in.

The kitchen (open space, but not planned well for cooking) provides a wide open space for doing tricks on the scoot n zoom.

And so many more reasons, but I won't take up your comments any more. Thanks for helping me realize this!


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