An Ode to Tony's New Shoes

Friday, March 16, 2012

Thank you for not being Keens.

No really, thank you for not being Keens.

You are a beautiful sight for sore eyes.

Now if I could only figure out a way to get him out of his beloved olive green zip off leg Columbia shorts. Unfortunately dear husband, they do not go with everything, as you seem to believe.

By the end of the summer . . .

::insert evil laugh here::

Anyone else fighting clothing battles with the turn of the season?


Chris | Team Sea-Squared said...

"Thank you for not being Keens. No really, thank you for not being Keens." I had to laugh out loud at this. I think our hubs are long lost brothers.

Bekah said...

Oh yes. But mine battle is with CROCS. Seriously? No...only cute on little kids! Not adults. And really cant wear them to work.

I thought this battle was over when one of his crocs somehow floated down the creek a year ago, but no...his mom bought him new ones.


Jen | Our Life Accounts said...

This problem was eventually solved when I just started doing all his shopping. :) He doesn't quite understand the process of sale shopping and stacking coupons like I do. Now he just tells me what I need and I have it shipped to the house for him to peruse at his leisure. It has been a looooooong and gradual process. There are some styles he is particularly attached to (AE cargo shorts for one) and so I just try and make sure they actually fit, don't have any holes and he has a dignified color selection to pick from, lol.

AJ said...

Woohoo! You did it! :)

Kelly Bartlett said...

Ha, love this post. Nice new shoes Tony! My husband wears these horribly ugly tennis shoes and ties them really tight. They make me crazy. I have bought him other shoes over the years and he'll wear some, but the ones I love just sit there, untouched, kinda like the brown leather jacket that I bought him. Men...just another one of our kids to dress. ;-)

Anonymous said...

My Husband needs a style overhaul in general, to be honest. Love the guy but fashion isn't his forte.

I definitely need some new Spring/Summer clothes though.

Also, I totally just googled what Keens were. :)

vanessawo34 said...

lol. al has black shoes similar to this that i was ecstatic when he purchased and that he loves them because they're SO much better than his beat up tennies. my next feat will be to get him out of his 9+ year old, holey t-shirts and into new ones.... :]

Megan said...

Wait, are you saying you don't like Keen's or that you're just tired of them and thankful for something new? I *love* Keen's, so I think that might be something we disagree on ;)

My hubby wears his pants too short. I'm slowly weaning him from this... he swears he's a 32/32 but he's not. He needs 32/34's like peanut butter needs jelly.

Adrienne said...

Oh my gosh! Those pants are awful! I also had to look up keens, verrrry interesting shoes! His new ones are cute though :)

ashavenue said...

I admit, I don't know what Keens are, but yes I do have some things that I don't like in my husband's wardrobe. He finally stopped wearing his old man shoes this winter. And he has some clothes from 8th grade, kid you not, that I would be glad to give away. My least favorite thing he has are these terricloth shirts. I give him a hard time about those things all the time. He claims he keeps them because they don't need ironed. Aye aye aye.


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