Monday Phone Dump

Monday, March 12, 2012

Because really, could I be bothered to take nice pictures of my boys? Sorry for the sarcasm, I just haven't taken anything decent of Ezra in what feels like months and I'm sooo sick of being cooped up in the house. Thankfully the weather has turned, so hopefully we'll have an early beautiful spring, giving me God's gorgeous nature as a backdrop.

It all started with this, last Tuesday:

Which allowed me to kiss Tony goodbye:
Off for my run!

While they were doing this:
Everyone's getting in on the weather!

And Isaac was doing this:
What you do when your driveway is falling apart.

So that I could do this:
5pm #6 #marchphotoaday

Which later looked like this:
Because one baby in my lap clearly isn't enough.

Then this weekend started off with this:
Peanut butter jelly time.

But a smoothie and a mocha for mama:Double fisting it today. Mocha and shake.

Tony gave me time to do this, again, before he left for the high school hockey championship game:Short sleeve run in 50* weather. Yes please.

And I'm so glad, because I looked like this by 10:30pm that evening:
Hair by Isaac. This girl could use a glass of wine, but sad its already 11:00 #dls

Then Sunday, we enjoyed the weather, which looked like this for Isaac:

And this for Ezra:
Little adventurer.

And this for me:
Missing this face.


Rose said...

Love your cat photo-bombing you! :o)

Kier said...

A full weekend!

Noe said...

Cute Pics


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