Ezra: Nine Months

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Oh boy.

Ezra, dude, you're 9 months now.

This past month was quite the doozy, with a snowman and traditional "snowbank" shot.

Your first experience sledding.

And then just like that, it was spring.

And you've just taken off! Your crawling is quite speedy and you love to walk behind Isaac's CAT truck or the little walker toy. Isaac was standing unassisted for short periods of time and walking by 10 months, so thankfully you're looking to be just a bit slower. :)

We also think that your hair is a little different and you certainly have less of it at this point than your brother did. I hope one of you two end up with your Daddy's hair!

Your Aunt Gina got you this sweatshirt at a thrift store and I'm pretty much in love with how you wear it. Well, that and the green grass, but mainly you.

You don't have any teeth yet, and neither did I until I was one year old, but we've started to give you some finger foods, like strawberries, grapes, avocado, orzo, quinoa, cheese, bread, pancakes. Basically a pretty wide variety of food and you've loved it all!

We joke that you're going to think that your name is "stinker butts," because that's what you get called all the time! Both for when you're tooting on me and when you make a break for the steps.

These things are like a magnet for you! Anytime Isaac opens the gate without telling me, you make a beeline up the steps. Your Daddy and I are quite concerned you might be more of a handful than Isaac, and that's saying something. ;)

I absolutely adore you to pieces little man and I know that your development and personality are just going to explode in the next few months.

I can't wait.



Megalamode said...

The last picture is so adorable! He looks like a 50's advertisement!

The Edberg's said...

Wow, I can't believe already 9 mos! Such a cutie!

Megan said...

I vote you change his nickname to Cuter Butts. Because, really.

LC said...

Haha...how funny. I call Ethan stinker butt! And they are going through so many of the same things. Ethan does have 2 bottom teeth but that's it. Ezra is so cute. Ethan would love to play with him :)


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