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Monday, March 5, 2012

I was tagged by Julie at back to the basics for this post and could do for a mindless meme!

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11 Random Things About Me

1. I really wanted to play the flute when I was younger. I thought girls who played the flute were pretty. I don't know how to play any musical instrument instead.

2. If you haven't noticed, I dislike the color pink.

3. Somedays I really wish I had a cool nickname.

4. I bought a pair of boots this fall and they're already falling apart.

5. On my phone, I constantly write Tiny instead of Tony. And sometimes "Tonya nd I" instead of "Tony and I."

6. I don't think anything makes someone feel more special than undivided attention.

7. I've only  had three pedicures in my life and there is still polish from my last on my toes currently.

8. I crave security.

9. I don't pray enough.

10. I've had my loofah since before I met Tony.

11. I can't count, because I ended my list at 10 and am now adding this a day later.

11 Questions from Julie
  1. You pull up at Caribou Coffee: What is your go-to order? Small Northern Lite Turtle Dark Turtle Mocha and you'll be sorry if you omit the Whip!
  2. What is your favorite meal to prepare for your family? Strawberry poppyseed salad with steak and blue cheese, because that means it's summer.
  3. Name your favorite book of all time. I could no sooner chose a favorite family member.
  4. Do you keep your car super clean all the time? My vehicle is nice and comfy.
  5. George Clooney or Brad Pitt? I'll pass.
  6. If you had $500 to spend on yourself right now, what would you buy? A stellar outfit for Tony and I. Because they'd be coordinating, naturally.
  7. What would your dream profession be? Get paid to be with my family, in a beautiful home that was miraculously always clean.
  8. Do you have a nickname? Where did it originate? The Beast [soccer], Leum [play on my name], Casper [due to my fair skin]
  9. Are you an oldest, middle, youngest, or only child? This answer is never clear. I'm the 2nd born, but oldest, but middle. My older brother died at 18 months, so I'm not the first born. I am the oldest, but with both my parents remarrying I'm actually the middle child between stepbrothers.
  10. What is your favorite breakfast cereal? I love Golden Grahams. A lot, but Oh's are a favorite too!
  11. What is the worst hairstyle you ever had? I had a rocking perm when I was 9.

11 Questions for Others

1. What is your favorite holiday?
2. How would you describe your first kiss?
3. Did you go to public or private school?
4. Who knows you best?
5. Hair binder, hair tie or pontail holder?
6. Domestic goddess or wannabe?
7. What is your favorite pen to write with?
8. Where is your fast food of poison?
9. What was the biggest trophy you ever won?
10. What was your favorite grade?
11. Do you like your passport/drivers license picture?

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mrsmeyer said...

Have you ever read an entire book in one day? How about reading someone's entire blog? I just about did this last night after finding yours. I am stunned by the way you articulate my thoughts. Yep, MY thoughts. Crazy. Our parenting experiences (and reactions to them) have been amazing similar. You have a kindred spirit over here in Batavia, Illinois. Anyway, someone recommended the song "Jack of All Trades" by Bruce Springsteen to me and it completely makes me think of your husband. Your family seems like everything God wanted it to be-- you truly are blessed. So glad I found your site!

Adrienne said...

I cannot stand the color pink! Glad I'm not alone in this ;)

Megan said...

I knew you LOVED blue but I did not know you didn't like pink!

Gotta love iPhone corrects, haha!

Loved this!

Emily said...

I always love reading these! And I'd pass on Clooney or Pitt, too.

Meredith said...

I pink puffy heart you. Or should that be navy-blue puffy heart? ;)

I love Golden Grahams too! And I also always wanted to play the flute, but was stuck with the BASSOON instead because I was the only one tall enough to play it.

Julie S. said...

I played the flute AND the piccolo in high school. Loved it. Wish I would have continued.


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