Wild Game

Friday, February 17, 2012

Yes!!!Cosettas.Hopefully Isaac some day!Pretty crazy so far with the Jets fans!
Last night we went to the Wild game versus the Winnipeg Jets. I'm getting ahead of myself though, first up, we went to Cosetta's. It.was.amazing.

As I wrote yesterday, it was a pretty rotten day. I felt the urge to emotionally eat pretty much every 20 minutes, but held out, because I knew that Cosetta's was going to be worth it! And it was, oh it was.

I split a Cosetta's salad with Tony, ate a small mostaccoli with an Italian sausage, and the garlic bread. 

It was emotional eating done well.

So then, we get to the game with my family, thanks to Levi's sweet hookup on the tickets, and it was immediately clear that there were a few Jets' fans.

And by a few, you'd think that they were playing at home. It was ridiculous.

Per usual, both the Canadian and American national anthems were sung and I kid you not, I have not felt that patriotic since the few years past 9/11. My throat is sore today due to the amount of yelling and cheering I was doing.

My arms are sore from the amount of clapping.

It was very intense.

Unfortunately after a hard fought game we lost in a shootout, but I haven't had that much fun in a long time.


Megan said...

I don't know what Cosetta's is, but I'm adding it to my next Minneapolis trip.

Jen said...

Drooling at the thought of Cosetta's. :)

Rose said...

Other teams' fans are the worst! What is that? How lucky you got to see a shoot out...glad you had a better ending to your day!

The Slacker Mom said...

Can I just say- I LOVE fans that travel! I'm a Wings fan, so I usually get a pretty good view of red and white as we always try to see them once a year. I am kind of looking forward to seeing Winnipeg more often now with the re-org (is that what they called it?). Also loving the new (newish?) design- I haven't clicked over in a bit.


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