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Thursday, February 23, 2012

This week I have borrowed $8 from my coworker, her badge, 5 stamps and am now eating a bag of her popcorn because I was starving and ate my apple as 2nd breakfast.

Tonight I'm going to go look at a studio with Gina. I'm excited, but nervous. I keep telling myself that it's a great opportunity, but there's a lot of doubt creeping in telling me that I'm not ready.

Ezra has not been sleeping well this week. He won't detach from my breast, which means I'm sleeping with my arm above my head. Normally, I only sleep in that position for at most an hour or two a night, but now that it's become the majority of the night I have the most awful neck ache.

It's so brutal, Tony's neck massage actually felt good!

I dread going to sleep at night again. Ezra actually slept better as a newborn!

I'm really looking forward to this weekend. Tony and I were supposed to go on a makeup Valentine's Day date, but he had a playoff game added to his schedule. That said, this is the last weekend of hockey and I only have one session this weekend. I'm really looking forward to spending some time with my boys,  hopefully taking some sweet pictures and working on my site update.

I can barely handle looking at the current state of my site, which would explain why I haven't written a new blog post since the 3rd. Yikes, almost a full month.

I've been doing a Fab Ab February challenge, and through the result of positive peer pressure, am now up to 80 situps.

Tony and I decided on a preschool for Isaac and while we prayed about it, the confirmation for me was more in the fact that as I was writing the name down in my calendar, the same exact lyrics were heard in the song I was listening to.

This winter has been so weird.

I went shopping for the first time in 8 months without the boys in tow and I didn't find a single thing I liked.


Kier said...

That's a pretty full life Leah.

I am excited to hear more about this studio are so ready!!

Jill said...

OH, I've had weeks like that with my co-workers too and they just are so grateful! Sometimes you just have moments and it's good to be supported.

Going to look for a studio sounds exciting and scary. I have a photographer friend that just made the leap... could be really awesome!

Also, glad you guys are doing a re-do of v-day... could be fun to just reconnect and not have hockey be in the way... oh wait. :(

And, I'm jealous of your Ab challange! Which I knew what abs were but like this idea! You bounce back from pregnancy so well and you always seem to be active... I struggle with this. Better lunch next time, right?

Lastly, the idea of finding a preschool sounds stressful, but I'm glad a decision has been made! I look forward to hearing how this journey goes for you all!

Meredith said...

Isn't that always how it goes with shopping? When I have money to spend and I'm shopping by myself, I never find ANYTHING. Boo to that.

As for the studio, if you love it, go for it. I KNOW that someday you will be able to stay-at-home with your boys, and this sounds like it could be a great step in that direction! You're ready Leah.

Megan said...

Oh I love these random posts.. my favorite :)

So glad you found a preschool and found confirmation. That is such a comforting feeling!

Have a great weekend, and YES you ARE ready for that studio space. You can do this.

AJ said...

Oooooh! A studio!?! That's super exciting. I want to know more about this Fab Ab challenge. My abs are in need of fab instead of flab.

And hurray for picking a preschool for Isaac :) He's going to have a blast.

Unknown said...

You are totally ready for a studio! Don't kid yourself.

Unknown said...

Girl, you are so ready for a studio! I've looked at a few places as well. I hope it met your standards :)


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