So Long, Farewell

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Allweedeshen, good night! [in realityAuf Wiedersehen, goodnight]

I can't be the only one who always fudged those lyrics. Admit it. :)

The time has come for my old photography blogsite. I was so excited to reveal it last fall, but it quickly became outdated and clunky looking to me. I reached out to a few talented designers for quotes on overhauls and had a bit of sticker shock.

They are worth every penny, but when coming toe to toe with a $4,000 pricetag, I couldn't help but be a little floored.

Maybe next year.

In the mean time, thanks to the lovely folks at ProPhoto4, I was able to put together this new gal for only a $90 upgrade [thanks Gina :)]:

If you aren't a fan of Leah Maria Photography yet on facebook, check it out!

I'd love to hear your feedback about the site!


Bekah said...

Looks great! I love the fresh color scheme!

My only 'thing' is that (in my screen anyway) why I go to the site all I see 'above the fold' is the picture...I dont even see the page tags in yellow under it.

Its not a big deal, its just a personal pet peeve I guess. My personal preference would be to see less of the sky in the picture (which is an awesome picture btw) and to immediately see your picture and greeting. I feel like that would make me stay on the page longer if I were a person just browsing area photographers.

Does that make sense? Im not trying to be a buzzkill, I really do like the new look!

Sarah said...

Looks great, Leah!

Helen Joy said...

Looks great! I used blu domain last year for mine ( and I LOVE it! So easy to update!

Jeane said...

It looks really great!!! I love the colors!!! So spring-ish :-)

May I ask... How exactly does this work? Do you build your own page from scratch with that ProPhoto4 program or do you still need someone who knows how to use HTML? I'd like to build one for my photography business but have the same problem that I can't afford a professional one but also have NO idea how to build my own!


leah @maritalbless said...

Hi Jeane,
So essentially, you have to buy a domain and hosting services (or you can go through ProPhoto's recommended company, I think it's BlueHost?). From there you buy the ProPhoto4 theme and install it to your server through the wordpress platform. I use Host Gator as my server and Go Daddy for my domain. Host Gator and ProPhoto service are both really good. There's also the option to just have ProPhoto install it for you. Essentially, there are 12 basic themes that you can choose from and are pretty much plug in what options you want, like your logo and background and the like. After blogging in Blogger for years, I was able to acclimate to the ProPhoto4 theme pretty easily and they have great tutorials as well. There's NO HTML knowledge required.

Little Miss Southern said...

I love the new site Leah!!! Its SO SO pretty!!! Great job!!!

Jeane said...

Thank you SO much for explaining this!!!!!!! It still sounds very overwhelming but just knowing that I don't have to know any HTML makes me so happy :-)

Megan said...

I am late to this party, but I wanted to let you know I *ADORE* the site update. It is fresh, clean, easy to read and follow, and it looks like you and your style.

I love it!


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