Thursday, February 16, 2012

Today is one of those rotten days.

I have a migraine.

I'm starving, but feel like I'm going to throw up.

My Mom and I had an argument yesterday about Ezra napping on his stomach.

It ended with me telling her, "Fine, he can sleep on his stomach."

Today we learned that an 8 month old in the same city failed to wake from his nap and is suspected to have died of SIDS.

I feel completely rotten.

I want to snuggle my family. 


Jen said...

I have had so many arguments with my mom about things like that. Its such an awful feeling to know in your heart that you are doing the right thing for your child and have your mom disagree. I wish I had advice for you :-) Hang in there.

Julia Goolia said...

Boo to rotten days. Although I am insanely jealous that you have your mom as a daycare provider (no monetary costs! Grandma loves her grandkids better than a 'stranger'!), I do not envy you for arguments like these. I can imagine that the trade off of putting your relationship with her on the line as she cares for your boys is not always a great one.

Big hugs!

Adrienne said...

I feel ya girl. It's a rotten day for me too. I hope yours gets better soon :)

Rose said...


Rotten days stink. Prayers to the family with the little baby that didn't wake up. Life is not fair.


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