February 25th

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

All winter long, Tony has been quite occupied by reffing hockey. Virtually every Friday and Saturday night he has been gone, in addition to 3-4 nights out of the week! This past Saturday was the last one of the season that we had to endure without him. Here's a little glimpse at the breakdown of our day via an instagram dump.

From left 1::morning wakeup 2:: before and after 3:: the face only a mother could love 
4:: picture for Daddy  5:: more mandarin oranges! 6:: froyo date with toppings! 
7:: crisis in the dressing room, Ezra nursing, Isaac needing to potty. 8:: Homemade club with smoked gouda, turkey bacon and AF sweet potato fries 9:: playing together

ps:: I have an unhealthy obsession with Target's smoked gouda. Very unhealthy I tell you.
pps:: We're still shopping at Aldi, but Isaac loves to just kill time, like his mama, at Target, thus the AF products.


Meredith said...

Our Target doesn't carry much as far as food, so I've yet to try their smoked gouda! I usually love gouda, but lately I just haven't liked it...I don't know why!

Jill said...

Love instagram!

Carolyn said...

Such adorable photos. Your kiddos are so cute. Feel free to follow me on Instagram @Caress66 :)


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