Ezra: 8 Months

Monday, February 27, 2012

It's official, you've only got 4 months now until your birthday.

And the above picture is going to continue to be a challenge!

At the beginning of the month, you hammed it up with your big brother.

Big Chief, as Daddy calls you, you're just cruising around at warp speed. This past month you started napping in your pack and play, pulling yourself to standing, crawling up steps and now furniture cruising.
Another first this weekend! Ezra napping in the p&p!Look who came up to visit me. Already pulling himself to standing.Good morning merry sunshine.Just an average night for my lap.Uh uh. This is not acceptable! #slowdownbabyWednesday night swim class!

You have been getting along great with your big brother! You always want to be near him.

You were pretty much the cutest Valentine date ever.

Unfortunately you had quite a reaction to PC and Hib, giving us a little scare.
Little dude had a scary reaction to his PC and Hib vaccines today. All is well now.

It took almost a full week, but it seems like you're back to your smiling happy self and have returned to your relatively good sleep pattern.You've been busting out a lot of consonant sounds, including "Dada" and "Mama." We can't wait until you actually understand the meaning of those words!

You're doing great with eating and love your mesh feeder! You've covered a wide variety of food in the past month, from sweet potatoes to avocado to frozen grapes.You have no patience for the exersaucer anymore, but are much happier to spend a few minutes in the highchair.

You also love this little walker your brother has been so kind to borrow to you.

We're fairly certain you're the sweetest boy ever and turning into a little bit of a mama's boy. You just light up when you see me, lunge yourself at me and have a little giggle that you do when you want me to pick you up. Unlike Isaac, you love to snuggle and will just rest your head on my shoulder. It's very precious.

Love you sweet boy.


Anonymous said...

And that's just a tiny bit of how our Father feels about us!

Meredith said...

That little smirking photo in the high chair? PRICLESS! Love these all, and watching sweet Ezra grow!

Jeannie said...

He is the sweetest :) Great pictures as always :)

Bethany said...

oh my goodness - that last pic is to.die.for!

Sarah said...

So adorable!!

Julia Goolia said...

I just love him. That face he's making in the high chair looks SO much like Tony and Isaac----he is precious, Leah. When will he be making the trip to WI with your clan?!?! Need to meet him/them/you.

Megan said...

I just want to squeeze his squishy cheeks. Which, I guess, makes me the creepy old aunt.

Noe said...

He is for sure the sweetest little boy ever!
and the pic of him on the high chair? Adorable!
Also the one of him in your arms...Cute! he can look pretty darn cute even when he's not at the top of his game.
We are in love with yah lil Ezra!
p.s: do you mind sharing where you got the high chair? loved the lil owls in it.


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