Daddy's Sweatshirt

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

There's this epic battle in our house, between the mama who loves to dress her boys in cute clothes and the boy who loves to wear Thomas, John Deere and Cars related clothing.

Turns out, while my Mother never wished one on me like myself, all the times I thought a mini-me would be pretty sweet I forgot about my extremely strong will and stubborn nature.

Isaac's a little too old for the standard redirect, but the other day when trying to dress him in an outfit that didn't feature any primary colors, I shared something with him: I was wearing Daddy's sweatshirt.

He was enthralled.

I told him he couldn't tell Daddy though.

We went downstairs and what do you think he tried to do?

Isaac: "Daddy! Daddy! I need to tell you sumthin!"
Tony: "What's that bud?"
Isaac: "Daddy! Mama's---[abruptly cut off by my hand over his mouth]
Me: "Isaac! No! You can't tell Daddy [through fits of laughter]
Isaac: "Daddymama'swea---" [peals of laughter]
Me: "No you can't!" as I tickled him.
Isaac: [Gasping] "Mama'swearingyour----" [laughter]
Me: "Isaac NOOOO!" tickling him some more!
Isaac: "DADDDDDDDY mamaswearingyoursweatshirt! [laughter]
Me: "ISAAAAC you told him!
Tony: "I have no idea what he said."
Isaac: [laughing] "Mamaswearingyour-----" [laughter]
Me: [tickling]
Isaac: [laughing]
Me: "Okay, you can tell him."
Isaac: "Daddy! Mama's wearing your sweatshirt!"

What I didn't anticipate was Tony encouraging Isaac's help in tickling me then!

Oh, what silly fun.


Bethany said...

Sounds wonderful!!

Megan said...

This made me smile!

DianeTaylor said...

What a sweet funny moment you shared, Leah. I could just picture it in my mind, you told it so beautifully. Love it!

Julia Goolia said...

Love this post. Makes me smile.

Cassie Rae said...

i hope to have a family like yours one day =)


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