Surprise Party, Ezra's First and a Scare

Monday, January 16, 2012

Friday night my friend Lacey pulled off a surprise birthday party for her husband Jason. I still maintain he was more incredulous he was surprised  than he was actually surprised.

Their youngest Lylah was certainly putting the moves on Isaac.

Isaac is um, not shameful and when we told him we were going in the pool, he was all about it.

He had a good time with basically whoever would hold him, like Nicole when I was holding Ezra.

And unlike when Isaac went in the pool for the first time, at like 2 months old, Ezra had a big non reaction. He was pretty much just chilled out the whole time.

I do have to say though that a lot of my fears were confirmed Friday night by a certain incident. Essentially, one second Isaac was playing on the steps of the pool with a cup while I was holding Ezra. There was a commotion as some of the guys tried to toss Jason clothed into the pool, so I turned to watch. In less than 10 seconds time, I turned back to find Isaac's arms above his head, under the water at the end of the steps.

It still unnerves me. As it should.

I was right there. Less than 5 feet from him and it still happened.

It's good cause to post this link. Drowning is silent and often doesn't happen as we imagine. Isaac was splashing, but not enough to get my attention, from I'm not kidding, just 5 feet away from him. He wasn't under long, because he barely coughed or cried when I brought him up and he didn't want to leave the pool, but he was, without doubt, under the water. It horrifies me to think about, and obviously makes me feel like I made a mistake, but I'm sharing here as a PSA.


Megalamode said...

Oh how scary, Leah! Don't let yourself beat yourself up! :) It could happen to any of us. Just like you said, he was RIGHT there. It's crazy how in almost every story I have of my kids getting hurt, I was standing right next to them.

Meredith said...

That is a GREAT link you shared.

I'm sorry for the scare--and you absolutely shouldn't beat yourself up about it (but I know how easy it is to say that to other people and how hard it is to apply to yourself).

Amy said...

Ugh, so scary! It's very scary with kids and water, I'm SO paranoid but Ditto Meredith, all the way!

Anonymous said...

Ugh so scary. I've read that link the last two summers just as a reminder.

I saw something very similar happen at isaac's swim lessons this past spring. The mom was right there too. It was so scary and unnerving, but she was right there, as were you, so all was ok.

It happens. As scary as it is, we can't control everything, even when we are right there. We just have to hand it over to God and pray for His protection. Don't beat yourself up!

Anonymous said...

What-a-scare! yikes! Like you said, you were SO close by...but these things still happen.

LC said...

Oh Leah, how terrifying. That happened this summer to my cousin's baby. Scared the crap out of all of us and we all were standing right there. I'm so sorry that you had to experience that but it was a good lesson and I'm glad to hear that Isaac is ok. (BTW, I mentioned you on my blog as a favorite. Go check it out!)

Julia Goolia said...

Ick. So freaking scary. I hate that this even happened but it DOES happen, and thank God you were right there. Big learning lesson for us all, you didn't do anything wrong and really, you did everything right.

also, I had to do a double take with that pic of you and Ezra---I swore it was Isaac you were holding!! How is he so big already???

Erin said...

Very scary. :( But it was 10 seconds and it was all fine so don't beat yourself up - Lord knows we all have moments like that as parents and we have to thank God every time we avert disaster!

On a happier note, you look fantastic and Ezra is so freakin adorable!! Isaac, too, of course. :)

Kelly Bartlett said...

Moments like that seem to take years off of our life. Very scary. Put, it's not your fault. You were there when he needed you and nothing bad happened. It was just a good scare to make you extra aware. This is exactly why you are exposing them to the water. You are teaching them how to stay safe to prevent something bad happening in the future.

Jenny T said...

so scary...glad he is ok!

Julie S. said...

I am so sorry for that scare! Things like that can happen so incredibly fast. Glad he is ok!

Leslie G said...

Leah, this happened to Cameron this summer, and I WAS watching him. It can happen any time, whether the child is being watched or not. I didn't watch the link but I do know from our summer incident that Cameron didn't say a word as he went under. He didn't even flail his arms or legs- he just sunk. I was about 10 feet away holding Kylie, and my friend who was a YMCA lifeguard pulled him out. He was just fine, but it is VERY scary.

Jill said...

I love surprise parties.

On the swimming note and kids in pools. Honestly, it really freaks me out. I couldn't handle what you had to go through only because I had that same thing happen to me when I was babysitting one time. Putting sunscreen on the kids and the littest one was done first. Where did he go with just a turn of my back, to the deep end. Omg. I flipped my lid. Jumped in after him, pulled him out, pounded on his back and he was good after a few coughs. But holy crap. I'll never be able to completely recover from that. It scared me to death.

I'm so sorry that happened to you but I'm glad you were right there, it wasn't the deep end and that he was okay too. It's just so scary how fast it happens and how clueless they are.


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