Sometimes, you just have to jump.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

One day, Isaac was in a good mood.

And I was in a good mood, because Isaac was in a good mood.

So I started jumping.

I had also been feeling lazy and remembered the high jumps on Insanity and thought I could make my jumps aerobic.

Little did I know though that my jumping would make Ezra laugh.

And it would make Isaac laugh.

And then Ezra was laughing because Isaac was laughing.

And then Isaac jumped with me, while both boys were laughing.

And the house was a mess.

And I felt super gross.

And everytime I landed I could feel the jiggle.

But I continued to jump, while my boys giggled and my oldest jumped.

And this was the scene that Tony walked into our house to view.

There's really not much of a point to this, other than, sometimes, you just have to jump and be silly.

Because, sometimes, as a parent, you'll get more out of it than your child.

And he may never remember this, but I will.


Megan said...

You are such a great Mom.

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

Love it!!!! Maybe I need to jump more

Unknown said...

Fantastic. We all need to jump more.

Linnea said...

Ahh! Baby giggles are the best!! Love it.

Sarah Louise said...

Absolutely precious!

Leslie G said...

Love it. We have dance parties on the regular at our house, mostly on Sunday mornings when we are all home and listening to praise music before church. It is SO fun. Just a lot of jumping and dancing and the kids love it. K will even scream if we don't pick her up to dance! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my GOSH! Isaac in his big boy undies. Kills me!!

Jill said...

Isn't it just so funny the things that are hilarious to children? I love this!

ashavenue said...

I can SO identify with this senario. You do a great job putting your thoughts on paper, and I'm so glad you did here.


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