Called it.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Tony and I won't be seeing each other again before I leave for the weekend and this morning's send off was less than heart warming.

I'm really anxious about how Ezra is going to sleep, because he'll be spending the night at my Mom's Saturday night. I don't want it to go terribly for her and worse yet, I'm terrified that an accident will occur while I'm gone.

I know that this will be good for me, but truly believe a weekend of uninterrupted time with my family would potentially be just as beneficial.


Megan said...

So sorry about the rough send off this morning, but I fully believe you will find peace as you are there and in His presence. Rest knowing your boys are in GREAT hands and try and have a great weekend.

Meredith said...

I'm sorry about the send-off, and I totally understand the worries about leaving your kids and family's the same reason I always end up flaking on events/retreats sponsored by my mom's group.

I'll be thinking of you, and I hope you return home refreshed and relaxed. AND I hope you put a "family" weekend on the calendar--it doesn't matter how far out you have to go, just pick the next available one!

DianeTaylor said...

So sorry about the rough send off. Just think how wonderful it will be when you return! I hope your time this weekend is wonderful.


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