Operation "FCIMC" Update

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Remember when I was working out and got back into running? I don't blame you if you don't, because it was a very tiny blip in the landscape of days in the year 2011. Very, very tiny, like it only lasted about a month.

It was kicked off with a bang here, but peetered out pretty dismally when I noticed an effect to my supply. I quickly put the kibosh on it, as breastfeeding my child was something I held in high regard. My own issues with how my body looked were secondary.

So, much like I did after we lost Josiah, I decided the best thing to do if I wasn't trying to actively lose weight was to eat, and eat richly!

The obvious result, of course, of all that eating though was a severe lack of self-esteem on my part, and fewer and fewer clothes that fit comfortably.

About a month ago, I decided to make a change and I made my first trip to a smoothie bar near my work in the skyway. They offered 300 calorie smoothies that tasted like a treat and filled me up. And hold the phone, they really did fill me up.

I've been doing this now for about a month and finally decided to step it up at home too, so I bought some of the Herbalife product of the smoothie bar. Saturday was my first day of breakfast and lunch smoothies with the Herbalife and monster smoothie concoction and well, I'm feeling pretty good. 

I'm seeing numbers on the scale that haven't appeared since mid year 2010 and have finally put pre-Ezra weight behind me.

I'm zeroing in on pre-Isaac weight, but I know that I won't feel right until I actually start making working out a priority. I love a good burn and the brutal soreness felt the day after, I just need to figure out how and when I can make it work.

*For full Dave Ramsey following disclosure, to answer the question: this doesn't fit into our budget, but is something that I felt strongly enough to use photography income towards.


Cassandra Louise said...

Are you willing to share what Herbalife stuff you went with?! I exclusively breastfeed, and haven't seen the scale budge in 8 months since having my daughter! Any tips from a breastfeed losing pounds mama:)

Sarah (Mrs. Ruffled Flats) said...

Thanks for dedicating a whole post to this. I looked at the prices of the Forumala I online and they are actually pretty reasonable, I thought. The extra cost comes in with all the add ins, but I think, like you, that it is so worth it. I have not been motivated to work out lately because I'm getting so close to student teaching and have been swamped with things to do and with stress. Working out should help me deal with the stress, but I just don't like our Supreme 90 Day workouts anymore (that I started in May). It's time for a change. I'll talk to San about replacing a shake for a meal just so I don't have to feel so guilty about not working out right now. I'm so glad you pointed this product out to me! Thanks, Leah!

leah @maritalbless said...

Absolutely Cassandra, I bought some of the Healthy Meal and the Protein powder. The thing that's always stood in my way of these things is the overarching stereotype of having to work with independent retailers who are *usually* pushy. It worked for me though to over time commit to the product and be able to just walk in as I pleased and not be hassled after the fact. Like the Pampered Chef guy who won't stop emailing me! :P

Megan said...

Hold the phone - Pampered Chef GUY that won't stop emailing you? I don't think I've ever heard of a guy selling that, it's weird to me.

Anyway, thanks for this info -- I'm going to look into as well... I am cautious on your "it fills you up" sentence because that's always my issue, is consuming a 300 calorie shake and then still needing (wanting) more.

Newlywed Next Door said...

Good for you!!!
Kinda like you said, I've put on some "grief weight" this year, and this month have really jumped back on the fit train. I'm using "My Fitness Pal" to track all my calories and that's working for me so far!

Unknown said...

Awesome to hear! And yum...smoothies are so delicious.

I, too, try to find a balance between losing this post baby weight and keeping my supply up. Not to be all preachy- preachy here but by cutting out all those carbs in my diet, I've been able to eat to my hearts content of meats, veggies, fruits and nuts, manage my supply AND still lose weight. It's awesome...kind of like my diet "awakening" :)

Keep up the good work, lady!

leah @maritalbless said...

You KNOW you don't have to preach to me Andrea! :) I LOVE that it's working for you [because it's the right way], I just couldn't figure it out with my diet to lose and maintain supply.

I hope to figure out how to get the most out of this, which is certainly not a lifestyle to me, and then wean off to an everyday diet that works for me.

Anonymous said...

I really want to try these shakes! However, I went to the website and asked for a distributor to contact me. I haven't heard back from anyone :( Can you buy these products at other locations? Perhaps I'll just go to the skyway to where you bought yours! :)

Thanks Leah! They look so yummy.

Raquel said...

Along the same lines I have been juicing kale to put in my smoothies. It is so yummy. Also I can finally relax knowing that my supply is not in jeopardy since my 8 week old is in the 100% for weight. Knowing this makes me want to run one or two days a week..it's just finding the time

Write to Simplicity said...

What smoothie place do you go to? If you ever want somebody to walk with you, I'd be happy to. I still miss razzmatazz. :)

Nicole Reiner said...

Looks delish- but did I miss something? i dont live in MN so Im not sure what smoothie place is in the skywalk. Can you explain more? can you get other places than in the store? Love your blog- been reading for a long long time :)

Unknown said...

Oh man that smoothie looks so yummy. I think I am asking Santa (hubby) for a blender.

Sam said...

A college friend of mine's mom sells Herbalife. Kind of like Mary Kay or Avon I assume. I've never tried it myself, but it certainly looks delicious. Now I want a blender... Shoot.

Unknown said...

You look skinny to me.


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