A Night's Tale

Friday, December 9, 2011

See, this is why I hate instagram, because I try to salvage bad photos.
It's only a good night when there's some floor play time.

But this one is pretty priceless to me. Just me and my boy, roughhousing on the floor.

Yup, he's definitely gnawing on my ear.

I swear he did eat dinner.

And then, me and my littlest, right before bed.

Isn't he just a little ham?

He loves the camera. I hope he gives me a good 'nother year before he changes his mind.

He fell asleep just under my elbow, nestled just perfectly.

We woke up quite violently, me to the sound of Isaac crying, quite scared, through the monitor and Tony instantly aware of the other sound. The window alarm in Isaac's room was going off, the cause for Isaac's crying. Very foggy, I asked Tony what Isaac had done, but Tony was already half way down the stairs to Isaac.

Tony quickly scooped Isaac up and brought him to me in bed, before he went to investigate. My heart was nearly beating out of my chest and Isaac insisted that he look out the window of our bedroom, just as his Daddy was also searching. Very seriously Isaac informed me, "Mama, I looked out into the street, but the alligator wasn't there." Love the way his mind thinks, obviously an alligator was the culprit.

I'm so, so very thankful there was snow on the ground, because Tony was fast to identify the only tracks outside Isaac's window were Allie's.

Thank goodness.

It still took me quite awhile to settle down and I'm only just now believing Tony's explanation that the temperature drop must have caused the house to crack resulting in the alarm going off.

It just scares me to death. The thought.

Just the thought.

Isaac and Ezra slept soundly in bed with us last night.


Erin said...

Yup, that's my worst nightmare right there, as a fellow owner of a 1.5 story where the kids' room is downstairs and ours up! :( We have an alarm system as well and Annie's windows are triggered, but even just the THOUGHT of the alarm ACTUALLY GOING OFF is enough to make me not sleep for a week. We just got word that there were some break-ins near our neighborhood so I've been freaking out about it a lot lately, imagining I hear things through the monitor... then I stare at it, and imagine that I see a hand snatch Annie out of the crib. Yes, I'm psychotic. It's good that you are ABLE to co-sleep. I know if we did that, I for sure wouldn't sleep - but would rather Annie be right by me than me just worrying the whole night, that's for sure! So glad nothing actually happened!

Bethany said...

oh my goodness. how scary for you guys! glad to hear everyone is ok. p.s love both pics of your sweet boys!

Anonymous said...

SCARY!! whatta night! On a happier, less scary note... I love all the pics that you're posting! :)

Randi said...

Oh my gosh, what an awful thing to wake up to.

You are right, thank goodness there was snow!! That at least puts your mind at rest knowing there were no tracks there.

Your boys are so cute Leah! They make you so happy. You can just tell through every picture!

Anonymous said...

Ugh, Leah. How awful!! I'm so glad it was nothing. Yuck, it just gives me chills.

Megalamode said...

That is just precious that Isaac was such a little man and "checked outside". Tee hee Love the way their little minds work!

AJ said...

Whew. That's scary. Glad everyone's a-okay. Those darn alligators. It's probably too cold outside for them and they wanted to come in and warm up ;)

Bekah said...

oh how terrifying! So glad you can be sure there wasnt anyone out there!

Kelly Bartlett said...

Wow, that gave me shivers. How scary for you guys. Fabulous idea with having an alarm on his window. Glad everyone is okay!


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