Girls Weekend

Friday, December 2, 2011

Two weeks ago I had a girls weekend with my college roommates and teammates. It's only our 2nd year of this new annual tradition, but I like it! Last year, I had to do a shortened version since the plan was to do a few taste tests at some Minnesota vineyards and I was only a few weeks pregnant with Ezra and hadn't shared with a soul. This year again, I did a shortened version due to the fact that Ezra hasn't been sleeping the greatest.

Tony, to his credit, didn't breathe a word about apprehension or hoping that I wouldn't stay Saturday night, but in my heart of hearts I just knew it wouldn't be fair to him. Thursday night before our weekend, I finally told him that I'd be coming home Saturday night and he was so quick to tell me that I should stay! I choked up, because he told me I deserved it and that I should spend some time with my girlfriend's, even if it meant him sleeping with Ezra on his chest in the rocker all night long. And, for the record, that last part wasn't even a back handed attempt to make me feel bad, he truly was just trying to tell me how he'd make it work. Ultimately though, I left our house Saturday around 7:00am to drive two hours to Mankato.

When I started walking up to the building, I started hearing hollering "Leah! We're over here! We're hungover!" In only a way that Nadia could say it.

While Mankato is certainly no small town, we got a heck of a deal at this salon.

We were treated to sweets and drinks.

And a little holiday decor.

Plus, a manicure, pedicure and hour long massage for $95.

I had arguably the best massage of my life.

Bliss I tell you.

And then, we went to a Mexican restaurant for lunch, where I got a beer to try to make up for the drinking I didn't do with them Friday night. But in truth, my tolerance is back in action and I put it down with ease. Yummo, love Dos Equis Especial on tap.

Cassie is also a nursing mama and her husband hung out at the hotel with their kiddos to keep her littlest one on hand to nurse. So Mr. Lane made an appearance at lunch.

We did a bit of shopping after lunch and Joel brought the kids home. We then headed back to the hotel, where Cassie and I had a pumping party. And this bottle of wine, well it has a story.

So the story: we had two bottles of wine, but no opener. Nadia called the front desk and they suggested we bring it to the hotel bar to have it opened. Cassie and I are feeling pretty ridiculous bringing our bottle of wine down to the ritzy martini bar, but the suit wearing manager had it opened for us in a jiffy. Still feeling rather conspicuous now carrying an open bottle of wine, we stood at the elevator to go back up to the room. That's when I noticed the man standing next to us, who was our age, was just as ridiculous, as he was carrying a case of Grainbelt Premium and his swim trunks! Because we're all adults, and I'm my mother's daughter ie I talk to strangers for no good reason at all, I said to the guy "Hah! Look at us, we've got the wine and you've got the beer."

 And that my friends is the turning point of the conversation, because instead of just laughing at our odd pair, he said "Who hoo! That's right. We're going to party tonight! What are you two in town for?" Immediately realizing where the conversation is headed and completely rusty with conversing with men who are hitting on me, my mind started an emergency alarm regarding the only answer I could think of, the truth. Gulp, "We're here for a girls weekend." Absolutely the worst answer I could give him, but all I could think of! Without missing a beat he invited us to his room!

I was just about dying now, because in college, well I was just a little bit of a flirt, you could even say I had a reputation as a tease and you know how when you gather with people from your past, that usually they still remember you in that way? I was mortified that Cassie, an also happily married woman, was probably assuming that I invited this come-on by initiating conversation. We rode the elevator up together and he again told us his room number and the elevator doors I opened my mouth to apologize to Cassie and to make sure that I didn't want to be hit on, but she beat me too it, which is impressive in itself to say "THAT WAS AWESOME! That's one for you and one for me! We just got hit on and got a room number!"

And well, maybe it was awesome. I will never take for granted the fact that Tony finds me attractive, no matter what I am wearing, but sometimes it's nice to know that this mama's still apparently got it.

And then we took a family portrait, before I toted my pump with me to dinner as I head out of town.

It was a good day for girls weekend.


Unknown said...

And now I'm dying for a girl's weekend! Glad you had a day to yourself. As a mama, I know we love our children, but a few hours away are the perfect recharge.

And I have no doubt in my mind that Tony would have stepped up for you :)

Sarah Louise said...

How fun!

AJ said...

Ha! That's awesome :)

Erin said...

Getting hit on once in while is awesome :) Sadly, it hasn't happened to me for QUITE some time! Oh, and I love girl's trips that involve pumping - it's just kind of hilarious, especially if you're using a hands-free bra.

Jenifer said...

Your Girls Weekend sounded awesome. Love the elevator story, you crack me up. You go girl!

Unknown said...

That is the best story ever... mama's still got it!

Jenarally Speaking said...

Glad you had fun in Mankato! A post about my hometown will help one to delurk. I get my hair done at Indulge and that restaurant has the best salsa in town! I really enjoy reading your blog. Your boys are the cutest!


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