Ezra: Six Months

Friday, December 30, 2011


I was talking with my friend Emily the other day, after visiting with her family and seeing one of my favorite family photos that I shot of her family in their living room, about just how incomplete our family photos of three feel. I could not have been more thrilled with how our family pictures from the Fall of 2010 turned out with Gina . . . but they almost feel irrelevant now. They're missing one bright and smiling face.
Leah and Co Cull0308

There's just something about the year drawing to a close that makes everyone very reflective. Lord help you all, given I do that so well recently! Can you believe that this was a year ago, when we excitedly announced my pregnancy?

Just look at my flush faced little mister. Can you believe his cheeks were so chubby and his curls so long?

Or even that my belly swelled so full? Or that we were filled with such questions regarding what life would be like with two boys?
[Isaac loves to point to this picture and say "Mama, I'm giving Ezra a hug in your belly!"]

And yet, it's been half a year. Over six months since I lay here.

So much time has passed since I first held him in my arms.

That sweet sweet soul.

Such a tender little one.

And now, well, now six months later our love for you knows no bounds.

Your sparkling personality pretty much wins everyone over.

And really, it's no wonder. You smile.all.day.long. [unless you're hungry or tired and boy do you flip that switch fast!]


My sweet boy, thank you for being exactly who you are.

You have impeccably shaped our family into something that I honestly never dreamed of. Your Daddy and I were just talking about how our lives compare to what we hoped for and to be honest, I never dreamed close to the life I'm living. This is more than I had capacity to imagine.

Happy six months baby boy.



Anonymous said...

<3 such a sweet post.

Meredith said...

I love these end-of-the-year reflective posts! They really do put things in perspective, don't they?!

What a big year you guys had!

Julia Goolia said...

Beautiful post, leah. Get as reflective as you'd like. I eat it up:)

AJ said...

Say it ain't so! Ezra cannot be 6 months already. Not possible.

I got a little teary at the birth pictures, knowing that in less than 6 months it'll be my turn to write a 6 month post.

Ezra is a great addition to your family :)

Bekah said...

adorable! Life with two boys is even better than I could have imagined!

Anonymous said...

such a precious post. seriously. Happy New years to you and your beautiful family.

Julie S. said...

I can't believe it has been a year! I feel like I was just reading that post. Isaac sure has grown up- what a sweet little boy! And Ezra? Tell him to quit getting big so fast!

Jill said...

So crazy how fast everything goes by... what a great post. Makes me tear up just thinking about how we're just neck and neck with our babies growing like weeds!

Happy 6 months Ezra!

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