Army Crawling

Saturday, December 17, 2011

I seriously can't believe it, but Ezra is already inch worming and army crawling around the living room! Some serious disbelief. Isaac was all about being on his hands and knees to rock at 5 1/2 months, but didn't start the butterfly moves until 6 months.

I'm really not ready for this. I'm actually really concerned about how I'm going to keep him safe if he's on the move. Isaac is seriously the reason they came up with the expression "bouncing off the walls." He would reverberate while standing in place. But as a friend so wisely said, "He isn't a little brother until he's been stepped on."

And let the games begin.


Julia Goolia said...

let the games begin indeed!! I guess this is when life as a mom to two boys gets really REAL! :) you can do it.

LC said...

Oh my, Mrs. Leah. You have your hands full for sure. Good luck, love!!!

Jill said...

My mouth dropped when I saw Coen starting to do this the other day. I need to record it! Duh!

Isn't it just the cutest thing? I cannot believe that crawl, like full blown crawling is in our near future! Seriously, what a cute little boy! I'm jealous of his carharts!

SarahKL said...

Okay, I'm way behind on my google reader, so I'm just now reading this but OH. MY. GOODNESS!!! This made me squeal!! I can't believe that Ezra is already doing this! Jack is just a week or so younger than him, and I'm excited/terrified that this is coming soon! :) Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!


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