So thankful.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Such a simple everyday snapshot and yet, I get emotional almost every time I view it. I took it almost two weeks ago, Sunday morning before Tony and Isaac headed out for a long day of yardwork. We've tried really hard to keep up at least one weekend breakfast with pancakes and this day I went even further, with eggs, bacon and potatoes too! Just as I was about to join my family at the table, Tony and Isaac grabbed hands to pray as we always do and on a whim I grabbed my camera.

I'm so glad I did.

I treasure this photo.

It is our family, right now.

Our lives, our family, our home, our relationships, they aren't perfect, but they are still indisputably amazing and things to be grateful for.

There is so much to be thankful for.


Thank you Jesus for our food, amen.
Thank you Jesus for mama and daddy and Isaac and baby Ezra, amen.

Blessings to you and yours through this holiday and always. May we never take for granted all that which has been given to us. He is faithful daily and provides everything we need to those called in His name.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture. I got goosebumps as I scrolled down and viewed this photo you posted.

Justine said...

Hi Leah! I'm a long time lurker, since your pregnancy with Isaac! I'm not sure why I never commented, maybe it's because your blog was so "popular", and then once I started blogging, I just never commented because I was "used" to not commenting... Anyways... This is just the sweetest picture I have ever seen! And, I have to tell you, when I first heard (uhh, read.. :) ) Ezra's name, I thought it was too unusual and didn't really care for it (not that my opinion matters...) BUT, it's really grown on me and now I LOVE it! I've also come across a lot more babies with that name, now! So yeah... I hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving! :)

Bree said...

What an amazing photo. It says so much! You have a beautiful family. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well.

Sarah said...

Beautiful, Leah.

Noe said...

Simply Beautiful... it brought tears to my eyes too.. Happy Thanksgiving !

Kelly Bartlett said...

Have a blessed Thanksgiving with your family.

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet moment. Happy and blessed Thanksgiving!

Michelle said...

Aww, love this. It made me cry. Beautiful.

Happy thanksgiving! I'm grateful to you for sharing of yourself on here. I so look forward to reading what insights you have to share. I was not raised in a religious household, but your faith and your words often inspire me to take comfort in and appreciate what I have.

I am expectng and recently learned it is a boy. After following you since Isaac was small- through your ups and downs, and your recent addition- I feel slightly more prepared for a son and definitely so, so lucky and looking forward to snapping my own pics of my family in those quiet moments.

Thank you for the inspiration and for always being so authentically you! Love your blog! I wish you every happiness.

DianeTaylor said...

Hi Leah Tony Isaac and Ezra , God Bless you all on this special time of the year. Gratitude is my mantra!! This picture is so so fitting today. l love it.

MrsK33107 said...

I'm been lurking your blog for a little while now and this is my first post. My husband and I have a boy right around Isaac's age (2 1/2). Some of things you say that Isaac does reminds me of my little guy.

This picture is so precious and it has reminded me that material things do not matter as long as you have health, love, and family...that is all that matters!

Have a great holiday season!

Jeannie said...

Love these precious unexpected moments!

Meredith said...

This is just absolutely perfect and precious. What a great photo not only for you guys to have of Isaac, but also of Isaac to have of he and his dad as well.

JMMarden said...

I was so moved by this post! Thank you for sharing these precious moments with your sweet family :)


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