Wednesday, November 16, 2011

So yesterday was an onslaught of emotions. Monday a rumor started circulating that layoffs would occur this week and sure enough, yesterday they began. We weren't in agony waiting too long this time, but the strike still hurt non the less. My boss was let go.

There's such survivors guilt, because he really championed our team and fought to position us well. Sure some of it was for self preservation, but I really think that my team is safe because of his effort to tell anyone our value add to the company. And now, he's not here.

To add to that little fiasco, I had a doctor's appointment yesterday. For the most part, all is well, but I wasn't given any answers either, so it wasn't exactly a great appointment. It ended with a pregnancy test, which I got the result back this morning: big fat negative. No lies, I was not hoping for a surprise positive. Last year I had to let a July wedding go because of Ezra's arrival and this year a July EDD would make me lose at least 3 weddings! I hope I won't be taking another pregnancy test for another year!

Totally unrelated, but for the longest time I pined after a newsboy cap for Isaac. I really wanted to stick around $20 though and it needed to have enough structure to have a brim. For some reason, I just could not find what I was looking for on Etsy. If it was structured enough it was over $30 or vice-versa, until finally, finally I found one! Hilary was great to work with, very quick to respond and promptly got the hats out even while managing the hospitalization of her sweet boy.

I'm sure more photos will come, but these are a few I snapped Sunday morning while Gina stopped by between sessions and Tony began his full day attack on our leaves. He won by the way, almost an acre yard and there wasn't a single leaf remaining at the end of the day!

Nom, nom, nom leaves are great!

Seriously, he won't stop growing!

Chasing Gina, love this shot. Best friend and my babies? Perfect.

It seems like every 6 months my Mom is giving me a new pair of Carharts. I know she gets them from Fleet Farm or Farm Fleet for you non-Minnesotans.

I wish I hadn't of cropped his feet, because I adore this photo.


Anonymous said...

sorry to hear about the layoffs at your work. I've been thru this before and you do feel SUCH surviro guilt...it's such a horrible time, when companies do layoffs. i was eventually laid off.....I was with a company for 7years...and everyone felt like Family. It was sad and hard to adjust.

Oh a happier note your boys are BEYOND adorable...and those carharts...I had no IDEA that they made them in bebe sizes!! wow!! I'm going to have to remember that for when I have bebes.

Take care : )

Daily loyal follower,


Jill said...

Your work highs and low are really tough. I'm sorry that you have to go through those emotions so often.

I love that hat and that sweet boy!

Oh and I cannot believe this blog link and this family's journey. Heartbreaking.

Erin said...

Yeah, this week seriously sucks at work. We're not affected again, but it makes me think that there's no way we will get by so lucky next time... I am just really not in a place right now where I can even fathom job searching! Ugh...

That hat and those photos are amazing!

Kelly Bartlett said...

Leah, sorry to hear that you are having health issues and layoff scares at work. I bet that is very scary and sad to see a close coworker get let go. God must have a new plan for those coworkers. I wish them the best.

Great pictures as always. I always love reading your blog posts and looking at the pictures of your beautiful family.

Kallie Brelsford said...

Little boys in Carharts make my heart melt! Love those little overalls!

Molly said...

Ahhh, those overalls kill me. I'm a big fan of baby overalls!

I seriously thought you were going to say you were pregnant! And from the sound of it, it seems like maybe you will be again someday :)


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