"Maybe I'm pregnant?"

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Is not something you normally hear your husband say, but was uttered by him at our table over dinner last night.

He's been, ah, just a titch bit emotional lately.

It all started with his crying during The Biggest Loser Tuesday night.

Then there was Parenthood, which he watched on Wednesday online. Let's just say that show hits close to home, almost every week.

Then the Lancaster's adoption announcement arrived in the mail with pictures of their sweet Liam.

Then there was the tragic passing of Trace.

I've seen Tony cry a handful of times throughout our marriage, but this, this is totally unusual!

It'd make a lot of sense if he was pregnant . . . 

I'm married to a very well rounded man and I'm very grateful.


Noe said...

Awwww... It is actually SWEET...

NodToStyle said...

every week i watch parenthood and every week i have tears streaming down my face. i think it's quite endearing that he's not shy about his emotions!

Jill said...

There is nothing wrong with that... poor thing.

I have to start watching Parenthood. Heard it's great, but can't get another show addiction going... I'll think about it.

Have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Tony and I are twins. I cried at Parenthood and at the Lancaster's announcement too. :)

ashavenue said...

Leah, I've known you since thebump Jul '11 board, and just started following you since our board these days is, well, you know. I am aozmomma. I just wanted to say hi and that your family is adorable. Lately my hubby has shown more emotion too. His tears have been job related. It's been a little out of character for him, but I've loved witnessing the tender side of him. We've got keepers! Anyway-I just wanted to drop in and let you know that I'm trying to keep up on things, since I felt like you were one of the very few I could relate with on the bump. I think it will be nice to stay in touch :). Have a good weekend!


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