Ezra: Five Months

Monday, November 28, 2011

Well my boy, you're almost half way through your first year.

You love your exersaucer, your Sophie and your voice! Oh and your brother, sometimes you won't take your eyes off of him!

Your hair is slowly but surely getting darker and thicker.

And we're still suckers for your smiles.

You're plumping up just a bit and Daddy pointed out your little Michelin legs yesterday.

I didn't get to take nearly as many photos of you as I wanted this month, but we'll remedy this month. With the 4 day week, I already got a good start.

We got to try out your baby Carharts from Grandma Julie.

It still varies on the day who people tell me you look like, but I secretly treasure everytime I hear that you look like me. Both you and Isaac resemble your Daddy so much, but I see just a bit more of me in you.

We love you little guy.



Lori said...

He is just precious- those baby carharts so sweet! Glad to see him growing so well!

Unknown said...

Adorable... he has the most sparkly eyes! Happy 5 months.

Julia Goolia said...

he is just too handsome----and I still think he resembles Issac more than you or Tony at this point! Love those brown eyes.

Megan said...

The older he gets, I definitely see YOU in him! Such a cutie!

Noe said...

What a handsome little boy! I can sure see some of you on him Leah, and you can tell he's fun to be around.

Jill said...

Love this. He's just so cute and developing quite the personality... you can just see it in his facial expressions. So cute!

Renovating Rothenbergers said...

those carharts are soo stinking cute!


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