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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

For a long time, I held out on pinterest. I didn't quite understand it, but I still knew that it would be addicting. And if there was one thing I just couldn't waste, it's my time. I already did such a great job! I'm not sure what pin led me to eventually cave, but man oh man, what a treasure trove!

Among the gorgeous clothing, photo inspiration, DIY ideas and recipes, there are bountiful images of awe inspiring homes and spaces. I grew up with my Mom often saying while passing a home or store "I will not covet. I will not covet. I will not covet." It was said in both jest and in truth. There are so many things in this world to desire and it's a fine line between being thankful and ungrateful.

Tony and I have a very, um, comfortable "starter" home. In addition to comfortable, we've also heard quaint and tiny. It's just 1200 sq ft, across 3 levels including square footage from our partially unfinished basement. Currently, with two bathrooms, there are more bathrooms than bedrooms! What I long for most in our house though isn't necessarily more living space, although it'd be nice, but more light! Our house faces West with virtually no windows to the East and our natural light is severely lacking. It's the one thing I wish for the most, especially as we are about to disappear into the abyss of Minnesota winter.

We've paid off the car and currently do not have any car payments! Continuing on Baby Step #2, we're knocking off some debt incurred while pursuing the landscape business last year and then we'll be on our way to eradicating our student loans [which will mainly be mine by that point]. And all this chatter makes Tony and I really wonder what our future might hold and whether we will expand on our home where we are now or if we'll be able to make a move.

Regardless, here are some of the pretties I would love for our future to hold, even if worst case scenario they're just eye candy and in actuality we're triple bunking beds in our current house through high school.

First, the exterior:
[image credit]

I grew up in a house with a porch. I spent most of my adolescence either swinging on the porch swing at night or lounging while reading a book. Tony knows, if nothing else, that I must have a porch in our home to feel complete. There is just something about sitting in a rocking chair while the rain is softly drizzling that is beyond comparison to any other simple pleasure.
[image credit]

Soooo a porch swing is a given.
[image credit]

I love the craftsman style, but love how bright and cheerful this color palette pulls together!
[image credit]

And can't you just imagine these window seats for reading, especially with your book close at hand with the built ins?
[image credit]

Again, back to the freshness of the color choices. Holy high ceilings though.
[image credit]

I just adore breakfast/dining nooks and also grew up with one. I'm noticing a trend here.
[image credit]

I love this little mudroom, although I still remember the details of a mudroom/craft/laundry room that Tony and I once saw in a model home we visited.
[image credit]

This little boys room is near perfection. The textiles are amazing.
[image credit]

The linens could use some updating and I'd love larger windows, but I doubt I'd ever leave.
[image credit]

Love how clean and simple this laundry room is.
[image credit]

And just as important as the indoor space, the outdoor living room aka a deck.
[image credit]

Which would of course lead down to a stone pit fire place like this.
[image credit]

And there you have the makings of my dream forever home.


Lori said...

I love dreaming about our forever home too- and you're right, pinterest is a treasure trove for storing away ideas! I even have a whole board called House Plans!

Sarah (Mrs. Ruffled Flats) said...

My heart got all giddy when I read this. San and I want to buy our first home late next year (who knows if it will happen) because we are paying so much for rent and could pay the same on house in Richfield. It will definitely be a starter home (although we want about three bedrooms so we can stay a long time before growing out of it) with lots of DIY projects, but we are looking forward to it. Right now, we're living in the basement with one tiny window in our bedroom. We have zero natural light in our living room or bathroom. I am totally with you on the natural light thing. When we have kids, I want tons of light so I can take crystal clear, bright photos of them, not ones where the ISO is cranked up to oblivion or the camera is permanently fixed on a tripod. That's not how I like to work!

I hope you get your dream home one day! It would be a great reward for being so wise with your money and paying off your debt that hard, but right way. If I were to invest in anything, it would be my home because that is where your family is created and memories are made. We hope to do the same!

BTW I pinned about everything you pinned when I found your Pinterest account. Hope that didn't freak you out. :P We just have similar tastes, I guess!

Jeannie said...

It looks like pure perfection! I wish and hope for you that this or a version of this, can be your reality some day :)

AJ said...

You forgot to show a picture of my room ;) That house is beautiful. Could we build matching houses? Would that be creepy?

yours truly, melissa said...

Pinterest is definitely addicting, but so fun! I love having it to store inspiration ideas & photos! I really like your style... I tend to gravitate towards light, bright, & cozy too.

Brittney said...

Oh Leah, you have picked out pictures from my dream home too! Thanks for sharing what you found. I'm going to post something for you to read on TB. Make sure you look when you have a minute. :)

leah @maritalbless said...

Brittney: Which board?


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