Tuesday, November 29, 2011

- Isaac is such a handful these days! On Sunday when questioning why [again] he had to listen to me, I told him because I'm the parent and he has to respect me. His response "I'm not the child. I'm the boss."


- Wednesday night we celebrated Thanksgiving with my Mom and family. She made hands down the best gingerbread cake from scratch with real ginger and fresh whipping cream. It was amazing.

The boys enjoyed the whipping cream.

- Thanksgiving day started off with a treat for Isaac, with pinterest inspiration. He was quite a fan of the doughnut snowman.

He even ate the carrot.

- I took two photos of my Dad with Ezra this weekend that I'm just in love with.


- Seriously so glad to have another photographer in the family! Levi grabbed this shot of us and I love it.

- And then I returned the favor by taking this of him and Bethany. I adore it.

- Friday, Isaac helped me decorate for Christmas and was quite the little helper! Last year it was one of my favorite memories with him and he just topped it this year by singing "Happy birthday to Jesus" while pulling out branches.

- Saturday, I shot my last wedding of the year! We had an amazing day with a super cute couple, but by the time I got home after an hour drive I was ready to toast the end of the year with Tony. It's bittersweet though, the end of my season and the beginning of his [he had 5 games just this past weekend].

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Ezra: Five Months

Monday, November 28, 2011

Well my boy, you're almost half way through your first year.

You love your exersaucer, your Sophie and your voice! Oh and your brother, sometimes you won't take your eyes off of him!

Your hair is slowly but surely getting darker and thicker.

And we're still suckers for your smiles.

You're plumping up just a bit and Daddy pointed out your little Michelin legs yesterday.

I didn't get to take nearly as many photos of you as I wanted this month, but we'll remedy this month. With the 4 day week, I already got a good start.

We got to try out your baby Carharts from Grandma Julie.

It still varies on the day who people tell me you look like, but I secretly treasure everytime I hear that you look like me. Both you and Isaac resemble your Daddy so much, but I see just a bit more of me in you.

We love you little guy.


So thankful.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Such a simple everyday snapshot and yet, I get emotional almost every time I view it. I took it almost two weeks ago, Sunday morning before Tony and Isaac headed out for a long day of yardwork. We've tried really hard to keep up at least one weekend breakfast with pancakes and this day I went even further, with eggs, bacon and potatoes too! Just as I was about to join my family at the table, Tony and Isaac grabbed hands to pray as we always do and on a whim I grabbed my camera.

I'm so glad I did.

I treasure this photo.

It is our family, right now.

Our lives, our family, our home, our relationships, they aren't perfect, but they are still indisputably amazing and things to be grateful for.

There is so much to be thankful for.


Thank you Jesus for our food, amen.
Thank you Jesus for mama and daddy and Isaac and baby Ezra, amen.

Blessings to you and yours through this holiday and always. May we never take for granted all that which has been given to us. He is faithful daily and provides everything we need to those called in His name.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Isaac loves puzzles. As in completely obsessed with them. Currently he is completing 60 piece puzzles by his lonesome, although he loves to have company. The boy is just very logical and sometimes that scares the crap out of Tony and I.

Last night while helping Isaac with his challenging 100 piece puzzle, Tony told Isaac that he couldn't do something. Isaac of course wouldn't listen, so pressed Tony why he couldn't do it. Tony responded "Someday you'll be the parent and you'll understand." In the same tone of voice, summoning all the wisdom of his 2 1/2 years Isaac said to Tony "Someday you'll be the child Daddy and you'll understand." Tony and I both died with laughter. Who is this kid?

His follow up act was when I told him he couldn't do something at Target and he asked me "Why?" I told him, "Because." And just to prove he's has been listening he told me "Because isn't an answer Mama."


And on that note, we're researching preschool's for 1/2 day, twice a week programs for next fall.



Head & Shoulder's Review & $50 Visa Giveaway

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Head & Shoulders had a campaign a few years back highlighting the concept that healthy hair began with a healthy scalp. Since it was a product I already used on occasion to correct scalp issues [cough::dandruff::cough::cough], I decided to use it more regularly.  For a good 12 months, I experienced the benefits of my healthy scalp begetting healthy hair. And then, one day, I changed to another product. Sure, I still picked up a bottle of Head & Shoulders periodically, as the need arose, but I never consistently used the product daily again.

That was until I was approached by BlogHer and Head & Shoulders to do a product review of their Eucalyptus Head & Shoulders Itchy Scalp Care shampoo and conditioner. I’ve never sprung for one of these reviews before, but knowing the change of seasons always does me in for itchy scalp and dandruff, I figured this was an ideal opportunity! 

I mean Head & Shoulders eases dryness, itchiness, and sensitivity by combining the effectiveness of their HydraZinc formula to alleviate these conditions leaving your hair beautifully flake free, so clearly I was in. While we’ve been blessed with some amazing autumn weather, the change from super cool in the morning to warm in the afternoon has been driving my skin crazy, including my scalp. Just as readily as I grab lotion to sauce up my skin, it’s only logical for me to grab the Head & Shoulders for my scalp.

Using these products has been a Godsend! I already knew that I’d love how my hair felt and looked using them, but the main appeal was the relief from the need to scratch, not to mention the additional perk of dandruff control. Beyond leaving behind a clean scalp, the foundation for great looking hair, Head & Shoulders’s new collection goes one step further to excite and indulge your senses with fresh, naturally inspired fragrances including almond oil, eucalyptus and aloe vera. I love that they don’t smell clinical like so many medicated shampoos usually do!

Additionally, my hair has been a beast lately, as, unfortunately, I’m going through that dreaded phase at 3 months post partum where virtually every strand falls out of my head. It’s totally going to be baby bangs of 2009 all over again. The main culprit, of course, is a change in hormones. I’m so pleased that I’ve been able to use the Head & Shoulders Eucalyptus Itchy Scalp Care shampoo and conditioner through it all, with fantastic results on all fronts.

Oh, and don’t bring it up to Tony, but he’s been enjoying them too.

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Fashion Forward

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tony brings the boys to my Mom's in the morning. For a few weeks he grumbled about how difficult it was for him and that it took him almost an hour most mornings to get out the door when left to change and dress both boys. Mind you, this is without feeding Isaac breakfast. I'm still not sure that I believe it, but he continued to mention his frustration so I decided to help him out by laying out outfits for the boys to wear. This seemed to help him immensely, so I've continued.

I had no idea that he would follow through so steadfastly! As I mentioned Tuesday was hard, but my Mom sent me a picture message that made me laugh out loud. She was surprised to see Ezra wearing puppy socks on Tuesday, because I'm not one for cutesy clothing, but assumed they must have been a part of a gift set and didn't think much of it. Imagine her surprise when she discovered Ezra was wearing a sleeper under overalls when she went to change his diaper!

Turns out that when I put the sleeper on the pile for Tony to bring to my Mom's as a backup, he didn't quite read my mind and instead made a new fashion trend. He still doesn't quite understand why all the hype, because as he said Ezra was "cute, comfy and warm."

*Tony did say he wouldn't have done it if it were jeans, because clearly that would be ridiculous. :)


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

So yesterday was an onslaught of emotions. Monday a rumor started circulating that layoffs would occur this week and sure enough, yesterday they began. We weren't in agony waiting too long this time, but the strike still hurt non the less. My boss was let go.

There's such survivors guilt, because he really championed our team and fought to position us well. Sure some of it was for self preservation, but I really think that my team is safe because of his effort to tell anyone our value add to the company. And now, he's not here.

To add to that little fiasco, I had a doctor's appointment yesterday. For the most part, all is well, but I wasn't given any answers either, so it wasn't exactly a great appointment. It ended with a pregnancy test, which I got the result back this morning: big fat negative. No lies, I was not hoping for a surprise positive. Last year I had to let a July wedding go because of Ezra's arrival and this year a July EDD would make me lose at least 3 weddings! I hope I won't be taking another pregnancy test for another year!

Totally unrelated, but for the longest time I pined after a newsboy cap for Isaac. I really wanted to stick around $20 though and it needed to have enough structure to have a brim. For some reason, I just could not find what I was looking for on Etsy. If it was structured enough it was over $30 or vice-versa, until finally, finally I found one! Hilary was great to work with, very quick to respond and promptly got the hats out even while managing the hospitalization of her sweet boy.

I'm sure more photos will come, but these are a few I snapped Sunday morning while Gina stopped by between sessions and Tony began his full day attack on our leaves. He won by the way, almost an acre yard and there wasn't a single leaf remaining at the end of the day!

Nom, nom, nom leaves are great!

Seriously, he won't stop growing!

Chasing Gina, love this shot. Best friend and my babies? Perfect.

It seems like every 6 months my Mom is giving me a new pair of Carharts. I know she gets them from Fleet Farm or Farm Fleet for you non-Minnesotans.

I wish I hadn't of cropped his feet, because I adore this photo.

And Round Two.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Gina and I both got ourselves worked up when Isaac conked out on us during our first session, we both felt like a family picture was really lacking and so we scrambled to be tacked on to the beginning of her mini sessions the following week, because that was the only time available for both of us.

I had no idea what we were going to wear, but thankfully with a mix of old and new it came together! While I loved the lace top that I borrowed from my Mom, Gina commented that this outfit set seemed a lot more "like us." It's probably the blue. Who am I kidding, of course it's the blue, but I totally agree.

And after reviewing the first session again, both of us were like, "What were we thinking?" We totally got more than enough!









I have a ridiculously amazingly talented best friend.

Family Session '11

Monday, November 14, 2011

We did our family session with Gina on October 23rd. I have so many favorites obviously, but unfortunately Isaac started to get very sick during our session, so we did a 2nd small session a week or so later!
















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