Thursday, October 13, 2011


You know the tired that literally makes you sick to your stomach, tired? That tired.

Things have been busy in these parts yes, but more than that, my littlest man Ezra has decided he's too cool for those 4-6 stretches of sleep that he's been blessing me with. In fact, instead of continuing the best habit ever of sleeping longer than 4 hours, which he's done consistently since oh, his 3rd day of life, he's decided to wake up every 1-2 hours. Last night, it was straight up 1 hour.

And I'm reminded that the only way to survive parenthood is to remain flexible, because the only thing consistent about babies/children is their absolute lack of predictability.

Oh the joys.

I mean really, I am joyful. I'm just a very, very tired tired, could be mistaken for too much Benadryl joyful.

Additionally, Mr. Man is |this| close to rolling over, which was when we ultimately decided to bring Isaac into bed with us at 5 months old.

Someone buy me a Dark Chocolate Northern Light Latte, or three.


Jenifer said...

so sweet. take care Leah.

L.C.C. said...

Sweet photo.

Also, I read the better half of life and just saw your photos of Sarah and Jared - beautiful!

Meredith said...

I'm shouting "FOUR MONTH WAKEFUL" your way. Knowing I wasn't alone made it a *little* easier. Sort of.

What in the world is a Northern Light Latte?!

Kelly Bartlett said...

Go little man go! That picture is a perfect capture of Ezra learning to roll over. Carter's working on his form, but Ezra is definitely closer to succeeding.


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