Weekend Recap

Monday, October 24, 2011

Friday night Tony took me on a trail ride. Truth be told, I honestly thought we were going to get in an accident on the way to the stables, because we have tried no less than 5 times to go horse back riding together and inevitably our plans are foiled. Friday night, after 5 years though, it finally happened and it was a gorgeous ride!

Saturday I hosted my mini-sessions and was blessed by an amazingly gorgeous day! I had the most beautiful families and really cooperative kiddos, for the most part. :) Saturday evening I had my 2nd annual wine night, but unfortunately just could not bring myself to even take one picture after wielding it all day.

Sunday morning was the first in a long while that I didn't first have to jet off to a session before church and it was amazing to leisurely get ready. After church we had our family session at the same perfect little park I shot my mini's at. Unfortunately Isaac had developed a bit of a cough and he went down hill fast during our session with Gina. Poor little man. When we got home Isaac crashed on the couch and fell into a very restless sleep. Thankfully after about 45 minutes he woke up and honest to goodness had a 180 degree turn around!

My photography season is winding down now, although I do have 3 weddings in November, and it's just in time, as I'll be passing the baton to Tony as his hockey reffing season ramps up. Every year I learn something new about how to manage my business and family and this year was no exception.


Noe said...

Good to hear you guys had a great time as a family.
Also happy to hear you finally got to go horse back riding.
I can not wait to see the outcome of the family sesions.

Erin said...

I can't wait to see the family pics, either!

You're an inspiration, Leah - working full-time AND doing so well with your photography business AND taking such care of your boys! :)


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