Three Frames

Friday, October 21, 2011

We sometimes joke that Ezra would smile at a doorknob. He's just a super happy, smiley little guy. I wouldn't trade these three frames for the word. Thank you for the birthday wishes, it was love filled, complete day.
Tierney it was nice to meet you!  


Jeannie said...

I love them! Pure simple l-o-v-e :)

Kristen said...


Michelle said...

Aww! He's adorable! I love to see the love between you and always check for your updates!

As a soon to be first time mom, I am scouring blogs and sites to find out what I should be buying to prepare for baby girl in those first few weeks/months. As a veteran, maybe you could do a post on what you've learned? Fantastic finds? Favorite products? Deals? Best advice you received, etc. I really love your blog and value your experience! I love reading about your life. Thanks for sharing!

Kier said...


Eza is pretty cute too.

So glad I was able to spend Saturday night with you.

Jill said...

I love baby mama moments caught on film. These are perfect. So much emotion and love. Sweet.


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