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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I knew as I was scheduling sessions this month that there was the possibility I was creating my own recipe for disaster, but I thought I learned my lesson from last fall and was at least a bit more prepared by refusing to schedule week night sessions. However, I was wrong. Somehow this month has still shaped up to look insane, with last weekend alone packing in 6 sessions!

It won't last of course, not much long than another few weeks, so I'm trying to just suck it up and put my game face on. Fall is my most favorite season, so I'm also scheduling in family time to make sure that I enjoy it instead of just survive it, so we'll be going on a pony ride and to the apple orchard!

Until then, we've just been enjoying the small moments lately, like these.

Unprompted kisses between Isaac and Ezra.

Isaac choosing to cuddle with his little brother . . . and check himself out with the mirror.

Glow stick bathtime fun, which according to Isaac involves "light bulb sticks."

Naked butts putting "jelly" in their hair, just like Daddy.

Working it.

I had to overcome wanting to stop him, as he was actually putting lotion in his hair.

But I just wanted to enjoy the moment with him.

And it really wasn't that hard, when viewing this face, to just let go and see the fun.

The silly, silly . . .

albeit messy fun.

Have I said it enough? I loooooove being the mom of my two boys!

And oh boy! Isaac needs his hair cut.



Jeannie said...

Love when little boys wanna be like their daddy's! It's the cutest thing to watch...especially when they're doing it their way!

Jeannie said...

OH and Isaac's face in the picture with the blob of lotion on the top of his head... Seriously, ::melt:: !! What a sweet beautiful face!!

Jill said...

Seriously so sweet! I love that he was using lotion and not jelly. Too cute! I cannot wait for moments like this! It's just so freaking cute! He's just so proud!

Jill said...

Oh and are you always this busy during the fall? Is that the most popular time for pictures? Glad you're busy, but sorry it's taking away from your family life!

kyna... said...

So cute!
♥ Kyna

Erin said...

I love that you don't care that he was putting lotion in his hair - I'm the same way. Lord knows we have to say "no" enough as parents, so when it's harmless (albeit messy, as you said) fun - who cares! Makes for great memories - and pictures - even if you do have a mess to clean up when they're done. ;)

christy bode said...

adorable! Where did you get the glow stick, or are all glow sticks waterproof?

Meredith said...

I love that you decided to just let him go with the lotion in his hair. Sometimes as parents, we just have to relax, no?

Bekah said...

The lotion in hair series of pics might be the cutest photo story I have ever seen!

Katie said...

Love all the pictures, but especially the first one of Isaac with the lotion in his hair. You give me such great ideas for the boys...glow stick bath time?!?! You're amazing. Where do you get these ideas?

Julia Goolia said...

isaac had a 'something about mary' moment! Love those little eyes of his.

Leslie G said...

These pictures seriously crack me up, mostly because (as I have said before) Isaac reminds me a lot of Cameron. And Cameron has totally done that, only with hand soap instead of lotion.

DianeTaylor said...

Too freaking glad you let the moment happen. I know it's hard to watch but oh the reward far outweighs the clean-up process! Ezra just gets cuter and cuter with every new picture you post. Love love....and for what it's worth, I would give my right arm to book a fall session with you!!! Let's see - how many states between Maryland and Minnesota? Too many :( I'm so looking forward to these nice fall days coming up. Enjoy, Leah!

Michelle said...

Awww! Totally adorable. Isaac has always been so full of expression- love the gel pics! And Ezra- wow is he turning into a heartbreaker! Look at that face in the pic with Tony holding him out front! Gorgeous!! You guys make beautiful babies!! Makes me so excited to see my own (first) in a few months!


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