Wrapping Up the Summer

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Last week Tony, Isaac, Ezra and I went to Bunker Beach with Groupon's in hand, even though when we got there admission was already half price due to it being the last week they were open! Oh well, money was still saved!

Isaac was absolutely in love with the splash pad, although he was a bit terrified of the slide after a harrowing first ride with Tony.

I did don my swimsuit that I wore to Florida when pregnant with Isaac at 32 weeks and joined Isaac for a bit of time, but I mostly hung out with this guy. He clearly was great company.

Isaac has been trying to get Ezra to smile lately and it just makes my heart swell. I especially love the way that he'll go up to Ezra and say "Heyyyy, buddddy."

I really hope they like each other, because that's all I can imagine when I see Isaac holding him.

FYI, there will be another child in our future. Tony's convinced there will be two more lol. He keeps this up with the cute boys . . . we'll see.

Yesterday was a definite "Shrek" day. It's Isaac's favorite movie, which he told us repeatedly yesterday. Isaac is heck bent on pushing the limits lately and for a change Ezra was a bit fussy, so it was a nice needed calm.

Again, who is this kid and how did he get so big?

My brother just posted a facebook album titled "So Long Sweet Summer" and the lyrics of Dashboard Confessionals keep lilting through my head. The song always comes to mind in Autumn, just like when I first listened to it on repeat my freshman year of college when traveling to away games on the bus.

So long sweet summer
I stumbled upon you and gratefully basked in your rays
So long sweet summer
I fell into you
Now you're gracefully falling away


Sarah (Mrs. Ruffled Flats) said...

I love the photo of Ezra smiling! So cute! I think the boys will love each other - they've gotten off to a really good start and Isaac really loves him, so it should work out, I think!

More babies, yay! San and I want 5! We're probably crazy!

kari said...

I love Dashboard Confessional, it's such a perfect song for the end of summer. Your boys are just too stinkin' adorable!

Jill said...

I mean, how can you not have more babies when they are as cute as yours... I feel the same way! Bring them on!

I've actually been tempted to just let things play out as they will and not prevent anything. We'll see if that works out and if we actually do it. Who knows. Could have an irish twin! :)

I always thought it was so crazy for people to get pregnant so quickly after the next, but I can totally see why. They are just so sweet and once they sleep better through the night, it makes that decision so much easier!

Your time at the pool park looks great! Isaac has got to be such a blast to be around in that sort of place!

Sad to see summer go, but I'm really looking forward to the fall too! Can't wait to wear layers and wear C in my Moby. It will be so much cooler with cooler weather!

Jeannie said...

What a great end to the summer. I haven't been to Bunker Beach since I was...about 15. Looks like next summer, we'll have to make a stop.

~J said...

Gorgeous family and I love that song!! : )

christy bode said...

I don't know you, you don't know me, but we both know Gina :) I've been reading you for awhile and just wanted to say hi. I just had our second boy in March and can relate to many things you post! Today, the 'heeey buddddy', our oldest does that ALL the time, it's adorable. I was going to reach out shortly after you had Ezra with your emotions about Isaac and the tears, when Connor came to see us in the hospital with Grayson, and he didn't want to leave me and go home, I cried and cried. Our babies are no longer babies! Okay, so hopefully that wasn't creepy, ha. Oh, and you're also shooting my friend Erin's wedding in October, so if some random comes up to you like 'Hi! I read your blog, we both have two boys!', it's probably me :)

Julie S. said...

Those boys of yours are just too cute together!


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