This time.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

This time returning to work.

This time having an infant.

This time is undoubtedly different.

It's just so different.

It was easier to return. Make no mistake, it was not easy, but easier. I'm convinced it's because I was able to be with Ezra for an additional 5 weeks, I didn't just adjust to becoming a mother and I truly know that we can get through this.

To be honest though, I'm suddenly having a very hard time coming to terms with the fact that I have two children. I'm no longer a young, first time Mom. I'm experienced. I'm a veteran. I almost feel like I'm coming to terms with my age . . . but related to having kids. I feel like a fuddy duddy all of the sudden.

This time.


Jill said...

Well, I'm glad it's going well! Who watches your boys?

AJ said...

I'm glad the transition is going relatively smoothly. :)

DianeTaylor said...

I'm glad it is a bit easier this time for you, Leah - I was always envious of those who could afford to be a SAHM - but I hope one day your photography business takes off and gives you more time with your boys. Lord knows you are talented enough to do it!!!

Molly said...

Yes to this post. Just yes. And I didn't even get extra weeks the second time around. I only got 7 weeks and still it was easier to go back. Not easy, but easier. Love that.

p.s. I can't call myself a veteran anything. I don't care if I have 5 children. We're always newbies in some respect =)

Meredith said...

I realized the other day that I still call myself a "new mom", and Lizzy's almost two. It's crazy.

I'm glad it's a little easier this time...remember, it's a temporary thing. I know it is!

Anonymous said...

I don't have baby #2 on the way yet but I know exactly how you're feeling! 27 for me used to seem so "adult" and now I don't feel much like an adult yet! lol


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