My boy.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

My boy, Isaac. He's turned into quite the handful. Tony and I will often look at each other, lock eyes and murmur to ourselves that we're in trouble.

He can be a little brute. The other night, Isaac caused Ezra's first big huge alligator tears . . . because he hit him across the face with a plastic toy wrench. It.was.heartbreaking. Isaac did not do it on purpose and knew he caused Ezra's cries and immediately dropped to the floor and covered his face. But what a little stinker, when I told him he hurt Ezra, very chipper he replied "I didn't! I didn't" as if to convince me otherwise.

But, he's also quite the sweetheart.

Yesterday he told Tony, "Mama's going to be sad." Tony asked him why and Isaac's response "Because we're going to Grandma's." Right you are my boy, right you are.


Unknown said...

So why does grandmas's make you sad? I am glad that we aren't the only ones dead set that our child is going to be a great big handful! He is such a sweet boy - look at the hug!

Anonymous said...

Ha, sounds exactly like both of my boys. We often say "it's a good thing they're so cute" after they have finally passed out for the night. At 4.5, though, Michael is finally starting to mellow out a bit so there is hope!

Molly said...

Awww, yes. The boys are trouble but super sweet too.

Soon they'll be wrestling on the floor with each other and giggling. Or crying . . . whichever =)


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