Ezra: Three Months

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

So, we've already had a 1/4 of a year with you my boy and as is often said of babies, I can't imagine our lives without you. It hasn't always been this way, but now, at this point, with your sweet and frequent smile enriching our lives I truly just can't fathom our family without your inclusion.

You're growing so much!

At your two month appointment, which was really about 2 1/2 months, you topped out at 24 inches and almost 14lbs. This put you near 90% for height and a good almost 80% for weight.
[This picture just cracks me up!]

In the past month, we've gotten to experience quite a bit! Like the State Fair.

Clearly, you were a fan.

Raspberry picking.


A water park, even if you didn't get into the water.

And so much quality time with your Daddy.

And big brother, Isaac.

Isaac loves to spend time with you, especially now that you beam that megawatt smile his way! He shouts excitedly "He's smiling at me!" every time that you do, which is often. He's started to play Patty Cake with you lately and I love it.

His kisses have gotten a whole lot more gentle as well.

We're all happy about that!

You um, spend quite a bit of time in overalls too.

I'm not going to apologize.

Because, really? Who can resist?

Unfortunately, this month also brought my return to work. Your arrival has changed our family so much for the better and we had an amazing summer together.

I love that all of the sudden you're laughing, "talking" and intent on twisting yourself about in an attempt to roll from back to front, but most of all, I love the little shock of hair growing in.

Happy 3 months, Ezra John.


Sarah (Mrs. Ruffled Flats) said...

I really can't get over how beautiful your family is, Leah! Beyond the good looks, it's probably because you can sense even through the photos that you are all very loving people - Ezra is a lover too I can just tell! He looks like he is going to grow up into a very sweet, charming young man!

Happy three months, Ezra!

Lori said...

He look so much like Issac! You've been blessed with two gorgeous kiddos!

Annika said...

I also can't get over the similarities between Isaac and Ezra. Both are just precious! The way their eyes light up in your photos--you are so very blessed. :)

Happy 3 months, Ezra!

Anonymous said...

Your family is so beautiful! Happy 3months Ezra...love your site by the way....I've got it bookmarked and love reading it.

Carrie said...

What carrier do you have? Do you like it? I am looking for a new one with our second.

Jenifer said...

He looks even more like Isaac at 3 months. Goodness he is adorable.

Katie said...

Oh wow, and I thought he looked a lot like Isaac before. He is now the mini-me to Isaac! How precious! You look great too Leah!

Jill said...

It's so crazy how they transform so quickly and develope their own personalities! I love that picture above... it's like you caught him saying something he didn't want you to hear.

How does that carrier work that you have? Do you like it?

Megan said...

90% for height?! Wow, Cohen is the complete opposite. He was 8% for height last month... ha!

He's so so so so cute. Love those brown eyes.

Julie S. said...

I can't believe he is 3 months old already! What a cutie!


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