Raspberry Picking

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

This week is pretty jam packed! With all of the sessions and weddings I need to work on combined with this week's schedule, I'm not sure when I'm ever going to feel caught up.

That said, we went raspberry picking for the first time yesterday! Unfortunately, I didn't call for availability and they were pretty much picked clean on Saturday. We were met by someone from the farm though who told us to take a walk through their rows and eat what we wanted, because there wasn't enough to take home or really pay for. To top it off he even offered me some of their vegetables, like cucumbers and kale. He was very generous!

Since we were more there for the experience anyways, we weren't too crushed by the news, although both Tony and I were looking forward to farm fresh raspberries at home.

It was a gorgeous day and my first time trying out my boba carrier, even though Ezra is just a little too small.

I don't think Tony quite achieved making himself sick due to stuffing himself full of berries, but plenty were had by all!

I love that we got to just go out and do this on a random Monday. It makes me excited for the future, when I hopefully won't be constrained to a 7:30-4pm schedule.

Because I can tell you one thing for certain, time is just flying by with these two precious guys. Just look at this picture, is it just me, or can you just seem him already at 8, 12 and 16 years old?
[Love that he has raspberries on his face!]


Noe said...

Lovely Pics! and any family quality time is always a blessing...
If it helps you somehow, mine is a 7 am - 5:45 pm schedule, I just hope it makes you feel a lil better.

Your babies are so cute and you look Gorgeous!

Sarah (Mrs. Ruffled Flats) said...

You and Isaac look so happy in the first photo with Ezra in the carrier! Gorgeous!

I really hope you and Tony reach your dream of you staying at home. That is what San and I really want, so we are working our way through Financial Peace and are going to be starting our journey of cutting debt and living simply. It sure is scary, but I have faith we will pull through! Thanks for inspiring us!

Anonymous said...

I wish we had a raspberry farm around here. How fun!

And I love the Boba! I just bought the exact same one off zulily last week and I'm pumped to get it. :)

Julia Goolia said...

I love those moments when you can get a glimpse into the future of little boys. And love his outfit, too---polo, baseball hat, and khakis = always my favorite go-to choice!

Meredith said...

Love all these pics and the time that you guys got to spend together as your sweet little family!

Megan said...

Do you like your Boba? I just got an Ergo and really like it, although it was free so I can't complain.

Love these pics, wish we had a berry farm close to us!


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