It's Almost Time

Monday, August 22, 2011

Tomorrow I return to someone else's schedule.

Not the schedules of the two little warm bodies I've been responsible for the past few weeks, but back to the grind of corporate America.Link
It's true that I get to ease back into it by working from home twice a week, so we can hopefully avoid a repeat of this scene, but somehow . . . somehow, it seems to be drawing out the inevitable. Almost as if I'm unable to enjoy today, for knowing what tomorrow brings.

But, I did say almost, and I'm going to do my best to fully enjoy it for all it's worth, as we adjust to a new rhythm in our family.
[8 weeks]


Noe said...

He's cutter than CUTE!
Hang in there Mama! you can do it!

Sarah said...

He's looking more like his own person and less like Isaac every picture you post - and boy is he handsome! We will be praying that your adjustment goes well for you and the boys.

Megan said...

Praying for you guys as you all adjust to the new normal.

Anonymous said...

Ditto Sarah - he's really starting to look like 'himself'.

Praying for you Leah. I know you're in a better place this time but that doesn't mean it will be easy. Praying you find your rhythm very soon.

Meredith said...

Ditto Sarah and Kristal--he's looking more and more like his own little man!

I'll be praying for you Leah. I know it won't be easy, but I also know that you guys are working towards you being able to stay at home, so maybe the reminder that it's a temporary thing that you have to get through in order to have what's best for your family in the long run helps?

Jill said...

I thought this time was coming, but I couldn't remember exactly. I love that you get to work from home a couple of days! Will you be able to have both boys home with you when you do that or will you have a sitter still?

It stinks going back, with one... I cannot imagine two loves... ;(

Molly said...

Ugh, I know those feelings all too well. Hope it went well for you, Leah, and for Ezra too :)


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