Ezra: Two Months

Monday, August 29, 2011

From one to two months, clearly a lot has changed, but some things have stayed the same.

You started to enjoy baths.

You continued to enjoy being naked.

You started to wear some of Isaac's previously worn outfits, which made me happy and sad all at the same time.

You continued to be adored by your big brother and Daddy.

And there was no shortage of love from me either! Although, I did notice that I don't actually say "I love you" outloud to you nearly as much as I think it it my head.

We've continued to spend a lot of quality time together as a family. This summer will be looked back upon with wistfulness for many years to come.

You've worked on tummy time.

And smiling.

Some days are more successful than others.

It seems as though Isaac may have been a little more vocal and had the opportunity for a little more time spent on the floor, whereas now we're pretty limited to Isaac's nap time. He just can't stay away from you little man, but he also can't stop himself from randomly running and jumping!

Your smiles still stop me in my tracks. I will literally drop most anything to come running.

Thankfully you love sharing them.

You're growing up too fast little man.


Jenifer said...

AHHH. So sweet is all I can say. I hope you first week back at work goes well.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, his hairline!! Too precious.

Unknown said...

Has it been two months, Leah?! Wow. He's absolutely precious and I'm loving those smiles. I remember getting flip flops in my stomach watching those first real smiles too.

Oh, and Eli is totally digging looking at these photos with me. I keep saying "baby" and he's excitedly pointing at the computer screen :)

Noe said...

Beautiful pictures!

Sarah (Mrs. Ruffled Flats) said...

I can't take all the beauty of these photos! He has the sweetest smile! I am in love with your monthly photo idea!

Looks like you've got yourself another heartbreaker!

Courtney (the pregnant bridesmaid at San and my wedding) is having her little one on Wednesday! A little boy, too! Can't wait!

Julia Goolia said...

LOVE these pictures so much. He is just so handsome and I see a lot of Issac in him still.

Also, how in the heck are you going to get him to lay down for those amazing 'monthly' shots with the background and chalkboard past 6 months or so?? I can't wait to watch how creative you can get when he is moving!

SarahKL said...

He is such a sweetie! I especially love the last photo- how adorable are your boys?! :)

Megalamode said...

Your boys are just precious, Leah! And I continue to be so encouraged by your open and honest attitude. God bless you!

Megan said...

I love his hairline, and especially love thinking about how he'll look the same way 50ish years from now when he begins balding. :)

That last picture is amazing! How amazing are you?!

Jill said...

I love his side smile! Coen has that one too! It's so darn cute! I also love Isaac's love for his brother... I cannot get over the love between them!

Love the photo ops too! Very well done!

Katie said...

Leah, it's beautiful...all of it. You are so blessed! :)

Molly said...

Double chin alert. Double chin alert! Oh my gosh, the photo of daddy upside down with his two boys? LOVE. There is just something so special about the bond between a daddy and his boys :)

p.s. I'm doing a giveaway for a book that made me think of all my workin' mama reader, you included. I think you would love it!

Jeannie said...

Love those! Such beautiful shots Leah :)

Miranda said...

Love the chalkboard pics. Can't believe you gotta go back to work already! Time goes so fast..sigh!


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