Monday, August 1, 2011

Isaac, you are a character.

I really wish I could just keep an app running to chronicle all of the crazy things you do and say throughout the day.

You are insanely curious and incessantly ask "Why?"

The other day, as we showered you turned around and said, "Mama, can I touch your penis?" Um, no. And no. I think the days of showering with me are now limited!

Today we tried to put on a pair of shoes that are a size 8, the same as both pairs of sandals that you wear, but these were just a bit too small. Quickly, you took them off and declared that they were now Ezra's shoes.

You love to run through the "sbringker."

Putting together 3 and 4+ puzzles don't even phase you.

If you aren't happy with how quickly or slowly we're going to do something and we respond with "soon/tonight/later/tomorrow/next weekend/maybe" you say "Don't say [fill in the blank] mama!"

While at a department store with me we passed the lingerie section, and with great concern, you told me that the mannequins weren't wearing any "jammie pants."

I think you're going to develop a knack for embarrassing family, as with great pride you returned from a walk with your uncle and announced to me and Levi's girlfriend that you were listening to Uncle Levi toot. Based on Levi's reaction, there was no denying it was the truth.

You are super into your Dadu right now. Like, when you're talking in the backseat and we can't hear you, you will specifically tell me not to listen because you're talking to Daddy. Ouch.

Also Bethany related, as we were driving home from seeing Levi and Bethany, you excitedly pointed to the clouds in the sky. I acknowledged them and said, "Wow, look at the clouds! Aren't they pretty Isaac?" To which you said, "No, Aunt Bethany's pretty." I then asked, "Is mama pretty?" Already bracing for the answer you replied, "No, Aunt Bethany's pretty." Again ouch.

I'm teaching you how to be a bachelor via an almost empty milk carton, with photographic evidence.

Oops! Just a little too fast.

Second go at it was much more successful.

Check out that form!


Jen | Our Life Accounts said...

He's adorable! Such great shots too! Oh the things kids say at the age, when I used to run a daycare I would hear the most hilariously-awkward things about the family and home life. Kids really do say the darndest things!

Anonymous said...

Oh my word Leah. Love it all. The shower story is priceless. A friend of mine has a little boy and when he was starting to become aware of the difference between boys and girls, he asked his mom if she had a penis. She said she didn't, so he told her - voice full of pity - "I'm so sorry mommy." HA!

Jeannie said...

:) Love everything about this post. Maybe because I can relate so much with having a 2 year old :) Henry is obsessed with drinking from the milk carton too. I'm always there to catch the spill because Lord knows he goes way too fast :)

Julia Goolia said...

Laughing out loud at the penis comment. I just love your little man and all of his personality!

Leslie G said...

Ah, boys! Cameron is like this too, pointing out things I wouldn't notice ("mom! That tractor over there is off!"), etc.
We've been discussing body parts too, saying Cameron has "peepee", and Kylie has "gina" which he loudly announces when her diaper is off for a change. LOL! What would we do for entertainment without our toddlers? =)

Meredith said...

Such a sweet little guy!

I laughed out loud at the shower story!

Bekah said...

What a dude!!! Love it!

On a similar note to your showering incident, Jack has started to notice my uh...chest. There is a fine line there between it being really funny and kinda weird huh? What does Isaac think of you nursing Ezra? Im wondering if Jack will just kind of check it out once and then ignore it, or be totally entranced.


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