Best Summer of my Life

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Isaac has been home with me for 2 weeks now and while there have been difficult days, it has over all been amazing. In all honesty, I forget that I have another life that I'm going to have to return to. I could so easily do this and never look back.

We spend our days attempting crafts, keeping Isaac occupied, entertaining Ezra when he's awake, going to air conditioned spaces to go on walks, the park, visiting with friends, basically anything free. And it's just been the best summer of my life.



[Isn't Tony awesome?]

Thank you Lord, I still have 6 weeks to go!


jennifer said...

You might have a second shooter on your hands! Husband and wife photo team?! I'm still working on focusing with my husband..haha!

Bethany said...

The boys are darling as ever. & Ezra's tooshy is way too cute!!

Jeannie said...

Looks like the most perfect summer! Love LOVE that second photo of Isaac cuddling Ezra...too precious!

AJ said...

You attempt crafts? You brave and patient woman, you. Colin does crafts for like 5 minutes and he's done, so I don't even attempt. Bad mommy ;)

I didn't know Isaac was home with you right now! Lucky you :D.

Tony is doing his part in documenting, that's for sure :) And I love Ezra's wrinkly little behind.

Unknown said...

So happy you're having an amazing summer! Prayers that this can be your life one day SOON :)

It's days like you just described that I can't help but be happy that I wasn't accepted into PT school. This won't last forever, that's for sure, so I just taking it all in while I can!

6 more weeks?! whoo hoo!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with AJ, you attempt crafts? I mean super Mom or what???

Julia Goolia said...

I love that you put a positive spin on your countdown for mat. leave instead of the usual 'ONLY xx more weeks'. You go girl. Keep up that positive attitude and soak it all in. Yay for summer!!

Anonymous said...

Isnt it funny how our idea of a perfect summer changes. Im sure a few summers in college you thought it was the best summer ever. Now its comepletly different :0)

Erin said...

as usual, I agree with Julia - love the positive spin on it!! I hope you are enjoying the cooler temps too :)


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