To the County Fair We Go!

Friday, July 29, 2011

I grew up going to our annual county fair. In fact, I often daydreamed of competing in the rodeo. I didn't care if it wasn't on my own horse, I just needed to run the barrels once! Except it never happened. Thankfully, even though it didn't transpire, I continued to frequent the fair.

And for the first time, I got to share it with my family last night. The stage was set, all day we told Isaac about the pony ride he would take and the huge tractors he would see at the tractor pull.

He was excited. I mean excited!

And the fair didn't disappoint, well specifically the tractor pull, even though we didn't know it would put the kabosh on the pony ride.

Waiting for the tractor pull to begin.

It was a gorgeous night! Thank goodness the humidity has gone down.

Wide eyed once they started to fire up!

Can you feel the excitement?

And for good cause! The main event.
[It was my first tractor pull too. Clearly, because that's why I was the one with a 1 month old at a tractor pull. Ezra and I only lasted 3 pulls with my plugging his ears before we were out of there.]

Once we met up again, Tony and Isaac were checking out the ponies. We were so bummed to learn that they suspended the pony rides due to the tractors spooking them. No pony ride for Isaac.

Thankfully, the little man wasn't too put out!

We joined up with my Mom and Stepdad. Ezra learns fast.
[No pictures please!]

Isaac had a ball at the petting zoo, even though he was a little underwhelmed by the turtle.

Feeding the llama though? Pretty cool!

Holding a bunny? Even better!

And only our son would kiss a chicken.

Julie, once again he passed over a Case!

The highlight though was probably that he got to pet a newborn calf.

Such a sweetheart.

We tried poutine, grabbed some cheese curds, Tony got his corn dog and we shared a twisted pineapple and raspberry Dole Whip before Ezra demanded that he get in on the eating too and we headed home.

All in all, even though there wasn't a pony ride, it was a very successful trip!


Tess Weber-Popejoy said...

Love the pics of Isaac and his Daddy!

Schmei said...

My hometown county fair is at the end of September, and I'm so sad I'll miss it this year... these pictures made me all nostalgic.

The picture of Isaac and Tony holding the bunny made me melt. So cute!

Sarah said...

I love county fairs! I grew up always going every year because our county fair was always in our town. I'd usually go every day! I can't wait to have children and take them too - it's so thrilling to see things through a child's eyes.

Bethany said...

Isaac's hand on Tony's leg - so lovely!

Jill said...

I love county fairs and actually went to our fair last night. It was bull riding night! And in September,
I'm taking a vacation day to go to the county fair where I grew up. That's love.

Molly said...

Oh my goodness! As Isaac thins out a bit he is REALLY starting to look like Tony!

Anonymous said...

Ditto Molly!!! That was my very first thought when I saw the pic of him staring out to the arena - he's becoming Tony's twin!

I look forward to this post every year because it means our fair isn't far behind. I cannot WAIT to take Isaac this year. Man, is he gonna love it!

Also? My Isaac kisses chickens. :)

Lucky Girl said...

Oh man, I grew up around tractor pulls - my dad even pulled one for a couple of years and that noise and the black smoke... strangely enough, makes me feel like home!

Julie S. said...

What a fun evening!

Katie said...

Leah, those pictures of Isaac are just adorable! He has some serious dimples and I love them! I can really tell what you are feeling looking at the pictures because I can see some of the same facial expressions between Isaac and Juan. It makes me so happy for you!


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