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Sunday, July 10, 2011

When I had Isaac, I did not qualify for FMLA. I was never cautioned that I was in danger of losing my position, but did not feel comfortable taking 12 weeks. Instead, I went back at 7 weeks. It.was.hell.

With Ezra, I will be taking the full 12 weeeks. Twelve. However, due to monies, I will be doing two days of working from home for the last 4 weeks of my leave. Tony and I are really happy that my work was able to agree to this, as it will give us a good trial run at bringing both boys to my Mom's and ease me back into utilizing my brain.

What strikes me though, is that this leave may be even harder to return from than my flash in the pan 7 week leave. Because, I'm filling my days like this.

At the local nature center that my brother and I grew up visiting.

Isaac wanted to see beavers again, as it was the highlight on our previous trip, but we saw something even better within a minute of being on the trail!

Isaac thought it was pretty cool!

On a lookout searching for beavers, which were "hiding."

Absolute bliss.

And just as I was taking the above picture, Isaac turned to look behind me while in Tony's arms and said "Deer!" Neither of us thought he was serious, but sure enough in the field behind us came a doe!

On Saturday we decided to go to Lake George. The only dollar we spent the whole weekend was on the $5 park admission.
[Poor boy has his two year molars coming in.]

Buttering Isaac up with sunscreen.

Ready for his first lake adventure!

He had no idea how much fun was going to be had.

At first Tony couldn't get Isaac much more than toes in the water, because it was just too much fun to build and dig in the sand.

Quick "juice" break to drink some ice tea with Tony. Yes, Ezra this may be your least favorite picture, but I'm posting it anyway.

My beach company was fantastic.

Tony finally got Isaac to go out into the lake with him by running into the water, which Isaac quickly copied and there was no getting him back on shore. We love our little water baby! However, when Tony got him up on land to rinse him down to go, Isaac took off running and promptly belly flopped into a mud puddle!

So out they went to dunk in the lake again.

But while Tony was gathering up the shovels and buckets, Isaac did it yet again. Boy is clearly not afraid of dirt.

Our little shark monster.

Memories to last a lifetime.

On Sunday we woke up and made chocolate chip pancakes before church. After returning home, we got Isaac out into his pool. Tony was doing some yardwork though, which was much more interesting to Isaac. So I sat on our wooden swing, nursing Ezra, enjoying the weather as my boys "worked" together.

And it's in these moments that I feel the most fulfilled.

Since Isaac was clearly not enamored with the pool, Tony brought out the sprinkler. Huge hit.

There was no tearing Isaac away.

And this is when I honestly feel like my life is perfect.

This is the life I've always wanted, but never could have even come close to imagining, to live. God has immensely blessed us and I sing His praise daily. How could I not?

Please don't remind me that I have to give this up in 10 weeks.


Unknown said...

Girlfriend, I hear you! I too feel like we are in a "hill" of life right now. Everytime the three of us crawl into the kiddie pool in our backyard at 2 pm on a Wednesday, Jim and I are like "This is the life". I know this won't last forever but since it's here, I'm going to be dang thankful!

So glad you're enjoying your mat leave. Soak up every wonderful second of it :)

Bekah said...

How precious are your pics?! I love the muddy Isaac ones!

Also..I am just cathing up from the posts I missed on vacation, and have to say that even though this should technically go in a comment on the 'whats in a name' post I am putting it here. I LOVE the name you chose for Ezra. It is definitely not something you hear right away, but I think it is such a strong male name, but it has such a beautiful sound. Thumbs up from me!(not that it makes a difference...but still!)

Melissa said...

Leah, when my son was born, I found a way to extend my FMLA time from 12 weeks to like 16 by working part-time at the end... there's actually a provision in the FMLA laws that says you can do it. It's a little long to explain on a message, so if you want to email me ( I can email you back and share what worked for me. I was all about getting every extra day with him that I could and I know you would want that too! I am so glad you are cherishing these days with your adorable family! You are definitely very blessed!!

themurrayfamily said...

I took 9 weeks with my first girl and 12 with my second (then worked 2 weeks and came home for the summer since I am a teacher). I kept looking at all the wonderful images my girls were living in and tried to embrace every second of it. Still am. You are such a great mom and your boys look so happy and healthy. A testament to you as the Momma! The towel is adorable... where did you get it?

Julia Goolia said...

I love your life, too. Such contentedness and much deserved.

And girl, you KNOW you don't have to 'give up' your life when you go back to work. That is just silly talk! You will still have the most amazing little family of boys in your life but there will just be some hours during the week when you aren't literally breathing in their presence. And that is okay! You still have them to come home to and to make memories with. Lots more memories to be had, even after work returns to your life.

And that is my pep talk from one working mom to another. :)

Desiree said...

Awww...what a perfect weekend!
And yay for taking 12 weeks of leave! One of the best decisions of my life was to take 12 weeks of leave after my daughter was born. Financially it was a little tight – but following a strict budget, so I could have the extra time at home, sooooooo worth it!

Melissa said...

Ditto what Julia said :) Working moms unite!!

Molly said...

Such a great weekend and beautiful photos of your boys, as always.

I'm so glad you have the full 12 weeks. I had it with Landon but had to start a new job when Brigham was 8 weeks. It sucked especially since I was exclusively nursing and had to pump at a brand new job where I didn't know anyone and didn't have a space to do it (pumping in a car, anyone?).

My only advice is just to enjoy what time you have with both of them. Stare at them while they sleep if you must. Soak it in and DO NOT THINK about 10 weeks from now. Live in the moment, Leah. I think back to those early days and oh, how I wish I could be back there right now . . .

Jill said...

You have the cutest family.

Ezra is just darling and your pictures with him are just so sweet!

Can't believe how big Issac is compared to Ezra. Just a little young boy with so much going on! I love it and it looks like your husband enjoys his time with him too! So sweet!

The emotions that you go through as a mom watching your little ones is amazing. You seeing it two fold has got to be overwhelming. I find myself all the time thinking... Oh my goodness, he's just so cute. And then the tears come. Who knew that we'd be blessed with such sweet little babies that would just melt our hearts with one sweet glance. It's priceless and absolutely amazing! :)

Erin said...

Julia said it better than I could have!! I'll join the working moms unite club :)

It would be nice though..... just going to the beach every day, hanging out, with both mom AND dad home?!? I remember the last 3 weeks of my maternity leave, when Ben was between jobs and I was home and we were both finally used to having a baby... those were the days! Like a vacation every day! Sadly, reality must set in sometime :)

Sky said...

Yay for making memories and living a good story. I know it must be hard to cart around the boys and still be supermom, but you do it with such grace that it looks effortless. You will never regret the extra effort you are taking to make this time special. I absolutely love it.

Jessica said...

first of all i love love love your blog!!!! Was wondering where lake george is???

Julie S. said...

What precious photos and memories! You make having 2 kiddos look very, very easy my dear!


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