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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Last night was one of the longest I've experienced since Isaac was about the same age as Ezra. Except, I wasn't up with a fussy baby refusing to sleep, I was listening to a 2 year old cry for over 3 hours straight. Unfortunately, as I seem to have forgotten, nothing ever stays the same with children and I spoke entirely way too soon that things were going well in transitioning Isaac to his crib.

We seem to be going backwards. It wasn't even this bad the first few days of the first week. To be fair, Isaac hasn't been able to get outside during the day or in the evening when we usually go for our walk and end up at the park due to this obscene heat, so hopefully we can tire him out today and see if that changes anything.

Isaac went down at 10:00pm and woke up at 11:55pm and continued to cry until 3:15am when I finally went down to give him a hug and talk to him. After a few minutes he went to sleep, which lasted only a few minutes, so I again went down trying to bribe him with morning cuddles and pool time. For an hour it worked, until he woke up again. Tony went this time and Isaac again slept for a bit, before waking again and again and again. I do not know how he is functioning right now, I know my reason is coffee.

And seriously, this whole time, Ezra slept like a dream. Please sweet little one, continue this trend, because I don't know how we'll survive if you start taking after your big brother at this time time.

Additionally, I'd like to lift up my friend Randine. Her one year old, who's birth I shot, Soren just went in for his well baby check and his white blood cell count came back abnormal. He's being brought in today for more draws and tests, as the count could be anything from a virus to cancer. She won't hear the results until next week, which would drive any person mad, but to top it off her brother is getting married this weekend. Please pray that the tests are as accurate as possible, that it is not cancer and that Randine can find the strength to enjoy herself this weekend during the wedding festivities that she's so been looking forward to!

Our God is a big big god and I truly covet your prayers!


J. said...

Awww, I hope for everyone's sake that Isaac was just having an off night and everything will be better tonight! Prayers are with you and your friend :)

Bethany said...

I know this doesn't take away the awful night you had...but we have been in the same boat with Olivia since she hasn't been able to be outside at all. She fights us to go to sleep and is waking up all night long. Sometimes knowing someone else is having the same battle - helps elevate the frustration just a tad.

Prayers sent your way and for your friend!

Jeannie said...

We have been in the same battle. But, it's been lasting since early June. Henry would scream like no other for hours, until I would give in and let him cuddle with me. Than, I would be mad at myself because I just gave in; and now we are starting from scratch. I wish I had some reassuring words, but just know you're not alone.

Sending many ((hugs)) your way and sending prayers to your friend!

Megan said...

Jaxon went through this a little after Cohen was born, I think the realization of him not being the only little boy that needed Mommy was starting to get to him. The second night he did this, I went in and rocked him to sleep. It had been over a year since he had last let me do that, but I rocked him for 2 nights and since then has been fine. I don't know if that would work with Isaac or not, but I hope for your sake, something does.

Prayers for you and your friend as well. <3

Linnea said...

Just said a prayer for little Soren! How frightening for his mommy, as well.

Kelsey said...

We included Soren, Isaac, and you in our family prayers tonight! The Baby Whisperer suggests setting up a mattress on the floor in Isaac's room as a way to transition away from family bed. She suggests going in to be there and offer words of comfort, but maintaining that Isaac stays in bed and you (or Tony) stays on the floor.

Julie S. said...

I hope that Isaac is just going through a phase. I can't even imagine! Please know of my prayers for you and your family as you continue to transition. And prayers to your friend as well.

MissMolly said...

Lots of prayers for your family and for baby Soren!


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